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People should look for cheap tickets for several reasons:

  1. Financial Economy: The main reason is to save money. Air travel can represent a large portion of a trip's budget, and finding cheaper tickets allows you to allocate resources to other experiences, such as better accommodations, restaurants, tours and shopping.

  2. Possibility to Travel More: By saving on tickets, people can travel more frequently or extend the duration of their trips.

  3. Access to Diverse Destinations: With the money saved, you can consider destinations that might previously have been out of budget.

  4. Planning Experience: Looking for cheap tickets encourages travelers to plan their trips better, which can lead to a more enriching and less stressful experience.

  5. Last Minute Travel: Cheap tickets are especially advantageous for those who like to decide on trips at the last minute, as they allow the flexibility to travel without a large financial impact.

  6. Contribution to Conscious Consumption: Looking for more economical options can be part of a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, where you spend more intelligently and value each aspect of your trip more.

  7. Achieving Dreams and Goals: Many people dream of visiting specific places or traveling the world. Finding cheap airline tickets can make these dreams more accessible and achievable.

Therefore, looking for cheap tickets is not just about saving money, but also about making travel more accessible, frequent, diverse and rewarding.