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The best digital wallets for you

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Looking to save money and control your money on your cell phone? Discover today's best digital wallets that provide greater autonomy and ease.


Digital wallets are here to stay. With them you have total control over your finances and even receive facilities to use them more comfortably, being able to enjoy the benefits of earning coupons, cashbacks and even receiving discounts to pay your bills.

Discover the best virtual wallets today and find out which ones allow you to concentrate your money with peace of mind and have greater ease when making your transactions? Ready to discover the virtual wallets that were made for you? Continue reading!


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Digital Wallets: check out the best

Digital wallets have become much more than just a transactional thing. They ended up becoming popular with most people and today many are even used as virtual banks, due to their facilities and functionalities, which have also been adopted by merchants and large stores.

With your digital wallet you can make transactions much faster, and many of them promote benefits, which further increase customers' desire to use it constantly. Each of them has its own particularity, but they are all praised and popular with consumers.



Centralize your finances and get lots of discounts and cashbacks when you choose PicPay as your official digital wallet.

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Firstly when it comes to digital wallets, and being one of the pioneers, PicPay became popular due to its thousands of features, and ended up becoming popular with the public, being one of the best rated in app stores. With PicPay you can send and receive payments easily and pay for your purchases as much as you want.

Only those who know it in practice are able to measure PicPay’s features. You receive coupons that provide you with exclusive discounts, enjoy benefits at partner stores, transform your card balance into cash at attractive rates, and do much more in the financial world than you can imagine.

Pay Recharge

Following this line of versatility in digital wallets, Recarga Pay arrives with a very similar proposal, promising customers ease and functionality for their lives. You can add your credit cards to the app and pay using them through the app, and even pay in installments for any purchases you want.

Recarga Pay also offers you bonuses for inviting friends and you even get paid when they make their first transaction, isn't that great? Receive discounts when recharging your cell phone, and transform your credit into pix quickly and easily, without paying abusive fees for it.


One of the most famous digital wallets today, 99 Pay is a digital wallet derived from the 99 races app, which allows you to add a balance to pay for your rides or for other financial transactions. Pay bills and receive cashbacks to make your payments via the app.

99 is the leader in cashback and you also receive coupons that can give you significant discounts on your runs or even when paying your bills. Furthermore, you can register a pix key and send and receive money, and you can even transform your credit into cash and send via pix.

Love Digital

With exclusive advantages and breathtaking cashback comes Ame virtual, one of the most coveted wallets on the market. When you buy with Ame you really save money, as this digital wallet is the leader when it comes to significant cashback and benefits for its buyers.

Centralize your operations at Ame Digital and enjoy many more advantages beyond this. You will receive the best offers for your purchases as an Ame customer, and you even have the chance to win a credit card with a wonderful limit right out of the oven, just waiting for you to spend.

Centralize your financial operations in the best virtual wallet for you.

Choose according to your needs

When choosing a digital wallet you are choosing ease and a place to centralize your operations. Not everyone likes to keep their savings in virtual banks, which is why digital wallets have arrived to be a second option when moving your money online.


To open an account in any of the digital wallets above, simply enter the required information and wait for the analysis, which is usually quick and intuitive, providing an almost instantaneous response. Which of these digital wallets will you call yours?

Common questions:

A digital wallet, also known as an e-wallet, is an application or online service that allows you to store payment information, such as credit cards, debit cards and even cryptocurrencies, securely. It makes it easier to carry out financial transactions, such as payments and money transfers, using electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers.

A digital wallet stores a user's payment details securely and links them to an online account. When a transaction is initiated, the digital wallet uses this information to authorize and process the payment. It can communicate with financial institutions or payment networks to carry out the transaction securely and efficiently.

Benefits include convenience, security and efficiency. With a digital wallet, users can carry out financial transactions quickly and conveniently without the need to use physical cash. Additionally, digital wallets often offer advanced security features such as two-factor authentication and encryption to protect users' financial information.

There are different types of digital wallets, including mobile wallets, which are applications installed on smartphones; online wallets, which are accessed through web browsers; hardware wallets, which store payment information on specialized physical devices; and software wallets, which are programs installed on computers or other electronic devices.

Risks include possible security breaches, such as hackers who may attempt to access sensitive information stored in the digital wallet. Furthermore, there is a risk of loss or theft of the device containing the digital wallet. It's important to take security measures, such as keeping your software up to date, using strong passwords, and enabling two-factor authentication features, to reduce these risks.

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