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BB Current Account: open yours and transform your financial life!

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The number of existing digital accounts has increased drastically, and each bank has moved to implement more advantages, thus captivating more customers. And it's no different with Banco do Brasil, which offers a quality current account, with real and tangible benefits for its customers, who will not give up BB under any circumstances.


The BB account is an uncomplicated current account, for those looking for an account with the facilities of a digital bank, but which still has a physical branch to answer your questions in person. BB has been one of the best rated banks, and has been up to date in the facilities it offers for internet transactions.

Why choose BB?

It is undeniable that having a current account at Banco do Brasil has many advantages, but do you know exactly what some of them are? See below some reasons to open your checking account at BB and enjoy all the benefits that the bank offers its customers, even if they opened their account online!


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Have an account at a bank full of possibilities and start seeing the advantages of being a customer right now.

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Open your BB current account online

To have a checking account at Banco do Brasil, you no longer need to go to a branch with your documents. The Bank allows you to open your account, evaluate documents and prove your 100% life online, allowing you more comfort and avoiding queues or delays in service.

Speed of request

The Banco do Brasil application is fast and optimized, which will allow you to open an account quickly, and approval will not take long, allowing you to use the benefits of being a BB customer immediately after approval. Banco do Brasil requests basic documents such as ID and CPF, and a selfie to prove your life.

Cashback and discount coupons

As a Banco do Brasil customer, you are entitled to purchase promotions at partner locations, discount coupons, cashbacks and much more. Check out the benefits that Banco do Brasil offers you on the official BB website and secure a current account that gives you advantages on your purchases.

Physical assistance, if needed

Having a checking account at BB, you have the right to physical assistance if you need further assistance from the bank, or if you have any questions that the service channels do not answer. Having the possibility of requesting service at any time at a physical branch makes BB one of the most requested current accounts in Brazil.

Your balance will pay off well

Leaving your money at BB guarantees that it will be safe, and above all that it will pay off! Even though it is a physical bank, Banco do Brasil offers a yield of 10% from the CDI, which can yield up to 0.08% in interest. Leave your balance and enjoy the income that BB offers you!

Open your account securely.

BB only has advantages!

A bank that allows you to open your current account online and enjoy all the benefits that a physical bank gives you is certainly a highlight! The Banco do Brasil current account, in addition to allowing you to quickly carry out transactions and have an application for control, also provides you with physical service and monthly income.


Open your checking account at BB and take advantage of the advantages that Brazil's most famous bank offers you, in addition to having all your information in the palm of your hand, physical and virtual cards, and 24-hour bank withdrawals without fees.

Common questions:

Benefits may include access to a wide network of branches and ATMs, online banking applications and services, points programs and discounts on products and services, as well as possible advantages for customers with certain account types.

Transfers can be made via internet banking, the Banco do Brasil app, ATMs or in person at a branch. Generally, it is necessary to provide the recipient's details, such as bank, branch and account number.

Banco do Brasil usually has different types of current accounts, each with its own minimum balance requirements. Some service packages may require an average monthly balance to waive fees, but this varies depending on the type of account.

To open a current account at Banco do Brasil, documents such as ID, CPF, proof of residence and proof of income are normally required.

Banco do Brasil charges fees for specific services, such as issuing checkbooks, transfers, withdrawals, among others. These rates vary depending on the type of account and service package contracted.

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