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Reasons to apply for your Samsung credit card today!

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In an excellent partnership between Samsung and Itaú bank, you are the one who benefits! Discover the Samsung credit card and why it has been one of the best-rated cards in 2023. In addition to allowing you a high limit, the card provides you with discounts so you can buy at a price that fits your budget.



The Samsung credit card combines business with pleasure, all the advantages of a traditional credit card, with discounts and benefits that Samsung wants to give its customers. See below why you should apply for your Samsung credit card today, and guarantee your purchases with many more discounts for the final stretch of 2023 and the beginning of 2024!


Reasons to apply for your Samsung credit card

Below you will read some reasons why the Samsung credit card is highly rated by users, and generates desire among those who need an intuitive card, without bureaucracy, that offers discounts and with a high limit. Take a look at the advantages the Samsung credit card provides its customers!

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The credit card that guarantees you a lot of cutting-edge technology for a low price! Get exclusive discounts at Samsung Shopping!

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1. You do not pay an annual fee

One of the great advantages of the Samsung credit card is that you don't pay any fees to maintain your card, that is, you only pay for what you consume, without worrying about additional amounts on your bill. If you don't use it in a given month, don't worry, the corresponding invoice will be zero.

2. Unmissable discounts at Samsung Shopping

This credit card will give you significant discounts at Samsung stores, if you are looking to pay less for more technology and quality, the Samsung credit card is for you! Get access to the best cell phones, watches, headphones, chargers and other technologies by paying less, paying more in installments and being entitled to cashback.

3. No need to wait for the card to arrive

You don't have to wait for your credit card to arrive in the mail to start using it. If you use a Samsung smartphone, as soon as it is approved you can start purchasing using Samsung Pay, ensuring that your purchases arrive at your home as quickly as possible.

4. Guaranteed protection

The Samsung credit card itself already protects all your purchases made at Samsung Shopping Mall. So if any product purchased arrives to you defective, or the cargo is stolen within 180 days after purchase, you are assured that you will receive new merchandise, or it will be replaced, in case of defect.

5. Warranty for your products

By purchasing products at Shopping Samsung with your credit card, you are entitled to an extended warranty without paying anything extra for it. Their products are guaranteed for 12 months, ensuring that if something happens and you need assistance, you will not be charged anything extra.

The credit card for those who like technology!

Lovers of technology and good products can rest assured with the Samsung credit card. Quality, effectiveness, security and discounts on a single card is what the company, together with Banco Itaú, aims to offer its customers in the short and long term, making the customer always want more.


You will have access to cashbacks, discount coupons at Samsung stores, extended warranties for your products and the possibility of using your card as soon as it is approved. The Samsung credit card carries out financial analysis and consultations with SPC and Serasa, and the limit will depend on the detailed analysis carried out by Banco Itaú.

Common questions:

Samsung Credit Card is a financial product offered by Samsung in partnership with financial institutions such as banks or credit card companies. It usually offers specific benefits to users of Samsung products, such as discounts on purchases of branded devices or services.

Typically, you can apply for a Samsung credit card through the brand's official website or partner bank/issuer. The process may vary by country and issuer policy, but generally involves filling out an online form, providing required documents, and undergoing a credit check.

Like most credit cards, the Samsung card may have associated fees, such as annual fees, interest rates on unpaid balances, late fees, or international transaction fees. Fees may vary based on the type of card and the partner financial institution's policy, so it's important to read the terms and conditions before applying for or using the card.

The main difference may be in the benefits offered, especially those related to Samsung products. The card can offer cashback or extra points on purchases of Samsung products, exclusive discounts on branded devices or services, among other benefits aimed at the company's customers.

Benefits may vary, but generally include points or cashback on purchases made, special discounts on Samsung products, exclusive offers for card users, a rewards program and possible insurance benefits or extended warranties for certain purchases.

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