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Buscapé Credit Card: have the purchasing power in your hands

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A credit card for users who like practicality, speed and a lot of benefits attached. Continue reading and find out more about this card.


Users who are looking for a complete credit card full of features and benefits need to know about the Buscapé credit card. We will present you with some advantages and features that you can find in this card and you will know why it is the ideal card.

The best benefits for buyers are the Buscapé credit card, which presents itself as a financial solution that is easy to apply for and very simple to use. Even though it's an e-commerce, Buscapé doesn't limit you, and allows you to use your card whenever you want.


Why choose the Buscapé Credit Card

Among the countless advantages of having Buscapé as your credit card, especially the ease and mobility that the card offers is one of the biggest benefits. All the statements and financial transactions you carry out are accessible in the palm of your hand at any time you want to consult them.

This offers greater security for users, and allows you to identify any suspicious financial transactions that were not made by you. have more security in your transactions and keep your money and credit safe. With the Buscapé credit card you are notified whenever any transaction is made or a purchase is made.

You pay much less and receive incredible cashbacks at partner stores, whether physical or online. The Buscapé credit card will offer you incredible discounts so you can save your money and pay much less on all your purchases. See some more advantages of the Buscapé credit card and find out why you should apply for yours today.

Limit with increasing increase

When you apply for your Buscapé credit card, it comes to you with an official base limit according to your credit history, but don't worry as your limit grows as the months go by and you buy and pay your bills. Have in your hands a limit that grows exponentially without having to request it.

The Buscapé credit card uses the payment date and the amounts you consume on your card as criteria. The more you consume using your Buscapé credit card, the greater the chances of your limit increasing month after month and you achieving greater purchasing power.

Guaranteed security

All your financial transactions are secure with your Buscapé credit card, and you can track them all via SMS if you prefer, and also through the card app itself. This is one way for you to recognize any purchase that was not made by you and be able to report it as quickly as possible.

Keep your credit card and money safe with Buscapé notifications. It is important that you keep notifications active and especially the SMS alert function to be able to identify any fraud attempts or malicious purchases on your Buscapé credit card.

Extra benefits

Because it is an e-commerce rich in quality partners, purchasing with the Buscapé credit card you save much more than you imagine, and you also receive an extra guarantee on items, regardless of the segment. Buy and have more guarantee time when paying with your Buscapé credit card.

The Buscapé credit card also guarantees you insurance if your purchase is damaged or comes with a defect. By paying with your Buscapé credit card you are guaranteeing the safety and durability of your purchases, I have the best experience possible with an online credit card.

Cashback and lower prices

As it is a store full of quality partnerships, when making purchases with your Buscapé credit card you will pay less and also have the possibility of receiving exclusive cashbacks and discounts, which are reserved only for credit card customers.

Take advantage of your benefits to buy much more at Buscapé, guaranteeing the best prices and receiving cashback for your purchases. Cashbacks can be used on your future purchases or even when paying your bill, it's up to you to choose.

The Buscapé credit card has what you are looking for

Your search for a credit card full of benefits has come to an end. With the Buscapé Credit Card you pay less on purchases from partner stores, have cashbacks to use as you wish, and your limit increases gradually as you shop, there are many advantages and just one.

Requesting a Buscapé credit card is very quick and in a few minutes you already have your card in your hands, which you can use virtually, or waiting for the physical version to use in other stores. Buscapé wants to give you a world of advantages, will you accept this invitation?

Common questions:

What is the Buscapé credit card?

The Buscapé credit card is a financial product offered by the Buscapé platform that allows users to make purchases at various establishments, in addition to offering exclusive benefits to its customers.

What are the benefits offered by the Buscapé credit card?

Benefits may vary, but generally include cashback on purchases made on the Buscapé platform itself, discounts at selected partners, points programs that can be exchanged for products or services, among others.

What is the annual fee for the Buscapé credit card?

The annual fee policy may vary according to the offer and type of card, with some versions may have a free annual fee, while others may have an annual fee. It is important to check the specific conditions at the time of the request.

How do I apply for the Buscapé credit card?

Generally, it is possible to request the Buscapé credit card through the platform's own website or through partner financial institutions. The application process may include filling out an online form and conducting a credit analysis.

What are the requirements to obtain the Buscapé credit card?

Requirements may vary, but generally include a minimum age, proof of income and credit analysis. In addition, card availability may also depend on other factors, such as credit history and approval policy of the issuing financial institution.