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Discover the Clara Credit Card, the best option for your Company

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Have you ever thought about being able to divide your company's finances according to each department? See how the Clara credit card can help you.


Centralizing your company's financial operations has never been easier than it will be now. The Clara Credit Card is ideal for you, the business owner, to facilitate transactions between you and your team and have greater control over business expenses. Say goodbye to old credit card models and get to know the Clara Card.

Your business finances will be completely under control and you will be able to issue reports quickly and intuitively. Furthermore, Clara offers limits that meet the needs of you, your company and your employees without negatively impacting your finances in general.


Advantages of the Clara Credit Card

The Clara credit card was designed and developed for those who want to have greater performance and control over their business's finances. Many business owners end up mixing accounts and automatically the finances also get mixed up, meaning you don't have full control over the situation.

The best business solution on the market has arrived and is ready to help you separate everything from your company and your personal life into different places, including your credit card. You will be able to have greater control and especially monitor your company's biggest expenses and investments in general.

The Clara credit card has a specialized team that can guide you if you end up needing further assistance when taking financial action. See what other benefits the Clara credit card can bring to your company and understand why it is essential to request yours today.

High limits

With the Clara credit card you don't need to worry. The finance company understands that companies require high limits to resolve financial issues, and with this in mind, Clara always seeks to provide the highest limit within the category to serve your business effectively.

The financial analysis of your company is carried out quickly and in a few moments you will receive feedback from Clara's team showing what limit the bank will be able to give you. It is important that you understand that Clara is ready to solve your problems and provide you with a truly efficient card.

Total control over your finances

Know that with the Clara credit card and account you will have full control of your transactions in the palm of your hand. Any transaction, no matter how small, is modified on your cell phone, allowing you to recognize any fraud or even transactions made by third parties in attempted scams.

You can also activate notifications via SMS to ensure greater control in addition to notifications via the app. This helps if you are without internet and still want to be notified of all purchases being made on your company's credit card and account.

Quick service

Any request you need to resolve related to your Clara financial products, you can request assistance via app or telephone, and the Clara team will quickly be ready to assist you, providing personalized service in order to resolve your problems quickly.

This makes everything much easier, because if you face any problem with your financial products, you will be assisted quickly and your queries will be resolved. Furthermore, you have some functions that provide you with greater security directly in the bank's application that can be activated instantly.

Card with no annual fee

Depending on the option you choose, the Clara Card can offer you the highest limits without any annual fee, allowing you to optimize even further and promoting your company's savings. Have a simple, unrolled business card that no longer generates unnecessary debt for your company.

Furthermore, you can issue as many additional cards as you need to distribute to your employees, and have full control of all expenses through the application. You have full control of all cards through the app and can block, unlock, change balance among other functions.

The Clara credit card is for your company

A completely uncomplicated and simple solution, developed for companies that want to control their finances and spend intelligently. With the Clara credit card, your company has the limit it needs and additional cards that allow your employees to help you have greater financial control.

Requesting a Clara business credit card is simple and to do so you will only need to fill out the request and send it for analysis, which is done quickly and with even faster feedback. How about transforming your company's finances with a Clara credit card?

Common questions:

What is a business credit card?

A business credit card is a financial instrument aimed at companies and individual entrepreneurs, offering a line of credit for business expenses. It allows companies to make purchases, pay suppliers, manage travel expenses and access specific business benefits.

What are the benefits of a business credit card?

The benefits of a business credit card can include easier financial control through detailed spending reports, rewards programs tailored to business needs, travel insurance, business assistance, access to loyalty programs, and discounts on business products and services.

Who can apply for a business credit card?

Companies of all sizes, from individual micro-entrepreneurs to large corporations, can apply for a business credit card. Generally, it is necessary to provide information about the company, such as CNPJ, proof of income and documentation that confirms the legal existence of the company.

What types of business credit cards are available?

There are several types of business credit cards, varying according to the needs and size of the company. Some examples include corporate cards, cards for small businesses, cards for freelancers and self-employed professionals, as well as cards specific to industries like travel and purchasing supplies.

What precautions should I take when using a business credit card?

Some important precautions when using a business credit card include establishing clear and transparent usage policies for employees, regularly monitoring spending and transactions, keeping card security information confidential, paying the full or minimum balance of the bill within the established period to avoid interest and maintain strict control of expenses to avoid unnecessary debt.