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My team: watch the Corinthians game live

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Excited for Saturday's Corinthians game (25/09) at 7 pm? When the team enters the field, anxiety begins to enjoy every moment of the match, are you like that too? But what if the game is not shown on open TV, how can I watch the game?


I'll show you that there are different ways to watch Corinthians games and most of them don't even spend R$1. Want to know how? See below: 

My team: see how to watch the Corinthians game live

To watch the game on TV, you have many options, especially if your television is smart, but if not, don't worry, there are still possibilities. 


Now if you have SMART TV…

If you have a TV with an internet connection, the possibilities increase considerably, as in addition to open and subscription channels, there are also apps. Come meet some of them: 


Yes, it's super possible to watch my team's game live on YouTube. During games, there are several live broadcasts made available by users, however, if you don't want to rely on someone's goodwill, you can opt for some apps, see which ones:

Directv Go

This is a great option not only to watch my team's game, but also to enjoy different channels that are quite common in cable TV packages. Unlike cable TVs that usually have high values, in this app the value is much lower.

In the basic package you already have SportTV, the channel on which the Corinthians game is broadcast, but if you want more specific games you can hire extra channel packages such as: Telecine, Combate and Premier. 

Globo Play

If you already enjoy Globo Play's series, films, programs and soap operas, you can celebrate! The app makes SportTV available to its subscribers, and allows you to watch the Corinthians game live, not only on cell phones and tablets, but also on some TV models.

As with the previous option, it is possible to hire extra channels such as: Telecine, Combate and Premier.

Guigo TV

Guigo TV is a great option for those who want more than watching football matches, as the app makes it possible to buy channel packages for different sports, such as basketball, American football and even hockey. 

In addition, you can also buy international channels, such as Mexican, American and Peruvian channels.



Did you see how easy it is to enjoy every moment of my helm? Whether on TV, tablet or smartphone, you won't miss the Corinthians game. Put on the mantle, and come cheer with us for victory! 

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Big hug, see you next time!