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How to watch Flamengo live

how to watch Flamengo live

Wondering how to watch Flamengo vs Barcelona SC live that will happen today (29/09) at 21:30 ? Today we'll teach you how to enjoy every moment of Fla's games for free! Or for a ridiculous amount.


That said, without further ado, come and understand how to watch Flamengo live:



How to watch Flamengo live on TV

If what you want is to watch Flamengo games on the TV in your living room or bedroom, it's very easy, especially if you have a Smart TV, but if you don't, that's okay because there's also a way: 

If you don't have a Smart TV, TV Box or similar

Enjoy the best of the Flamengo game on SporTV, the channel will broadcast the game in real time both on TV and in its apps. The channel is available in virtually all pay-TV plans, starting with the basic ones.

But if you don't have cable TV, you can opt for the other options that we'll list here.

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If you have Smart TV or similar

The possibilities are much greater for those who have a TV or device with internet, since in addition to pay and open TV channels, there are also the possibilities of apps. 

SporTV itself has an app compatible with several TVs, in addition there is also the possibility of YouTube which offers several transmissions at game time, “not so nice” legally speaking… But it's a great way to watch Flamengo live.

However, you don't have to wait for someone to have the good will to release a pirated broadcast to watch the game, you can access Fla TV, the official channel of the team that broadcasts the games. 

Now, if you have subscription TV apps or will be away from home at the time of the game, we also provide some options. Look: 

Directv Go

Directv Go is a different app, because it is, in fact, a pocket pay TV. Its catalog has a wide variety of channels in the main plan, but if you want to make it more robust, you can opt for extra channel packages such as Telecine, Combate and Premier.

But if you already have the main package, you already have a way to watch Flamengo live, as in this option the SporTV channel is available.

Globo Play

If you are a Globo Play subscriber, you also have access to SporTV, and you can watch the game both on your cell phone and on your tablet and TV, check the compatibility with your device here.

In addition, you can also hire extra channels in the app, just like in the previous option.


That's it, did you find out how to watch Flamengo live in the best way for you? Whether on TV, tablet or smartphone, you won't miss the mengão game. Put on the red and black mantle, and come cheer with us for victory! 

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Big hug, see you next time!