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How to create avatar online free 2022

We at Mais Curioso bring you a list of apps to create avatars and emojis with your face and use them in other apps. Facebook avatars are starting to have a resounding success, but they are not the first to allow you to create avatars or emojis with your face, and today we are going to propose several applications for this.


We will have a collection with the most varied applications, from those that create collections of stickers to others that generate emojis, some implemented in the operating system itself, in keyboards or in separate applications that you must install to later download and share your creations.

Keep reading to check out all the options.



Bitmoji is possibly the most complete avatar app you can find, as generates a collection of stickers that you can use in just about any instead of being limited to being used only in certain applications. The way you can use it is very simple, and you can do it either in android how much in iOS.

The way it works is this, first you take a photo and then you go to an editor where you can see your photo and start manually composing the face you want. The photo will serve as a guide. Once your avatar has been created, Bitmoji will offer you a collection of stickers that you can use in the apps where they are implemented, but from the app you can also send them to messages on WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger or Telegram.


Gboard is Google's official keyboard that you can download and use on android It is iOS . It is a very versatile keyboard, and among its options is the possibility of create three types of stickers with your face , very much in Bitmoji style. In this case, the condition to be able to use them will be to have the keyboard installed and configured as the main one on your cell phone.

The way to proceed is the same for everyone. First you will take a picture of yourself and then Gboard will create some emojis and stickers from that photo. They won't always really look like you, so you might as well customize them. Once finished, the keyboard will allow you to enter them wherever you want in any application. They will be shared as third-party emojis when the app allows it, otherwise they will be shared as an image.

facebook avatar

Facebook was the latest to join this trend of allowing the creation of stickers with your face through its avatar system. The bad news is that these avatars are currently limited for use on the social network, so you won't be able to use them much beyond Facebook either.

Its way of letting you create them is the same as we've seen with Bitmoji and other apps. It doesn't generate them from your face, but you can take a picture of yourself to serve as a guide and configure it in your image and likeness. Once created, you can use them in your posts and comments.

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Zepetto is an application very similar to Bitmoji, but lets you create emojis with your face in 3D. What you need to do is take a picture of yourself with the camera using the app, and this will generate a digital copy that you can later modify to make it look a little more like you.

Zepetto also implements a paid clothing system, so you can dress up your avatar if you're willing to spend some money, although it's not mandatory either. After creating your avatar, you can choose from different poses and animated poses that you can share on other apps.

Face Q

FaceQ is an application that has its own personality as it allows you to create avatars of your face. In this way, if instead of looking for realism you prefer something more cartoonish, this application can be a great alternative, mainly because you'll be able to put fun expressions very much in manga style.

In this app, nothing will be pre-generated using your face, and you will be the one who will have to compose the avatar with your appearance step by step. Later, you can save the created images to use them whenever you want or share them directly in other apps. To use it as emojis you will have to save the image and share it as image later in other apps.