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How to use CRLV Digital on mobile

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The Vehicle Licensing Registration Certificate (CRLV) is one of the most important vehicle documents. For, he is obligatory to be paid and to be in all the conformities of the law. We at Mais Curioso will teach you how to download and use CRLV Digital in a simple and practical way. Keep reading.


First of all, it is worth mentioning that in a police approach, you need to present the CRLV printed or via QR-CODE (digital). We'll teach you how to get both for free

What is CRLV Digital?

The CRLV Digital is the Electronic Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate. It is also known as CRLV-e or CRLV Digital, which came into effect in recent months. This “paper” contains all the information about your vehicle and it is mandatory to have it throughout Brazil. This document came to replace the old one printed on currency paper. But the validity of the CRLV Digital remains the same as the previous model: 12 months.


Is CRLV Digital already available in my state?

Getting straight to the point: Yes, CRLV Digital has been in effect in Brazil since 2020. It has a new layout and is much more practical.

How to download CRLV Digital at Detran?

The emission of the CRLV-e is completely online and it is not necessary for the driver to attend a Detran body physically. Check out the step by step to issue it.
1. Go to the Detran website for your state or download the application “CDT – Carteira Digital de Trânsito”

To download the vehicle's CRLV Digital, you can download it through the app “CDT – Digital Traffic Card” for iOS or Android. Or if you prefer, Google “detran site + [your state]” and you will enter the official portal of the Detran.

2. Complete the mandatory registration

If a driver wishes to download the CRLV through the CDT application, it is essential to register on the platform. Already through the DMV portal, the owner must access his personal profile.

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3. Go to “Vehicles”

Through the “CDT” software, click on “Vehicles”. On the Detran portal, access “Digital Licensing (CRLV-e)”. It's usually in the Services tab.

4. Enter Renavam and CRV security code

It is here that it is mandatory that the Brazilian has already licensed his vehicle. If the doc is late, there is no way to use CRV Digital.

With the Renavam and the CRV security pass noted down, you must register your CRLV Digital through the Detran app or portal. These two numbers are in different documents. The Renavam is in the CRLV, the security code is in the vehicle's CRV.

However, the Detran portal does not request the CRV security password to download the car's digital document. In view of this, the driver can download and print the document with just the Renavam, license plate, telephone number and the code sent via text message.

5. Not long now, just download!

After entering the data, the CRLV Digital is available for consultation and download through “CDT” application. All the driver needs to do is access the app to view the document, which is available without internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to find the CRV security number?

So the CRV security number is not listed on the CRLV. It is located at the top right of the CRV, popular DUT.

What is the difference between CRV and CRLV?

The CRV is known as the document issued at the first license plate and also when there is a purchase or sale of the car. Unlike the CRVL, the CRV is not mandatory and does not have a defined expiration date.

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Is there a way to download the digital doc without the CRV security code?

Fortunately yes. It is possible to download and print the CRLV Digital even without the CRV security code through the Detran portal.

How do I use CRLV Digital?

You can use CRLV Digital in two ways: on your own cell phone or in print. Both ways are very practical. Both have the QR Code, which offers greater security to the driver and practicality in approaches.

However, the electronic version of the CRLV waives the mandatory carrying of the physical paper document. The printed CRLV Digital is only necessary if the driver travels outside Brazil.

Can I register more than one CRLV in the Carteira Digital de Trânsito app?

Yes. If you are the driver of more than one vehicle, it is possible to add several documents in the application.