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Loans with greater chances of approval for you

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Tired of looking for a loan and never being approved? Or always receive the same feedback about a low CPF score? Your problems are over!




Getting a loan with high amounts to make your dreams come true, and at the same time with lower interest rates, can be a challenging task, especially when you don't have a very busy CPF and with many financial products in your history. Know that today your problems have come to an end.


In our list you will find the best financial institutions when it comes to granting cash amounts, so you can make your big dreams come true or put your desires on paper. Looking for a finance company committed to providing you with the best options will no longer be an obstacle for you.

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Get your loan today

We have selected for you the finance companies best rated by customers when it comes to quick and intuitive credit analysis, quick feedback and receiving amounts instantly. Never wait days again to find out if your loan was approved or not, we brought objective solutions for you.


Furthermore, the options on our list are the best rated by customers when it comes to granting credit. The listed finance companies usually provide credit even to you, if you have little movement on your CPF, but still want to request greater credit.


Pan Bank

The best financial products to meet your needs are at Banco Pan.

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Pan Bank

When it comes to ease of approving your loan, Banco Pan stands out. It is no longer news that it is very easy to get a financial product at Banco Pan, especially if you already have a relationship with the bank. If you don't have one, now is the time to request the opening of your account.


Banco Pan offers you loans with the lowest rates on the market, and approves your amounts regardless of the less financial activity you have on your CPF. Become a Banco Pan customer and see your financial life move in a way you've never seen before, in addition to getting greater limits.


If you need high amounts and don't know how to get them, know that at Simplic you have the right to receive these amounts in your account objectively, no matter how little movement your CPF shows. If you don't have a very active banking life, Simplic is a great solution for you.


You can pay the total amount in up to 12 installments and if you experience any difficulty paying, there are relationship channels that aim to facilitate negotiations between Simplic and its customers. See the amounts quickly drop in your account, allowing you to do what you want.


A quick and uncomplicated solution for those in need of a loan is definitely SuperSim. In addition to the possibility of quickly simulating values, you can request immediately if you like the proposal and receive the values in your registered account quickly.


SuperSim offers values that will meet your needs, and will provide you with the best payment methods, making your life easier and allowing you to avoid hassles when paying your installments. Find out the limits that SuperSim wants to make available to you and request your loan.

Easy Credit

With a quick and uncomplicated financial analysis, Easy Crédito is here to transform the way you apply for a loan. Easy Crédito is linked to OLX and allows you to request loans if you want to buy something within the platform, but if your money is not enough.


In fact, you can also use the limits provided by Easy Credit for whatever you want, inside and outside OLX, allowing you great versatility and letting you enjoy your money however you prefer. Furthermore, have the best payment conditions with Easy Crédito.

Receive your amounts as quickly as possible.

Uncomplicated Money

Waiting for your loan to be approved or not can generate some frustration, especially with finance companies that take hours or even days to provide feedback on your proposal. With the finance companies on our list, say goodbye to this problem, as you will have access to your values as quickly as possible.


It is worth remembering that none of these finance companies request any amount in advance to release the amounts, so be suspicious if they contact you, serious finance companies never request amounts to release the loan. Are you ready to request yours?

Common questions:

The online loan application process usually involves filling out a digital form with personal, financial and employment information. After submission, the financial institution evaluates the application, often using algorithms and automatic analysis to determine the applicant's eligibility.

The main advantages include convenience, speed and accessibility. Applying for a loan online allows individuals to complete the process without leaving home, generally with a faster response compared to traditional methods. Additionally, many online platforms offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

It's crucial to check the platform's reputation, read reviews from other users, and fully understand the terms and conditions of the loan. Make sure the financial institution is properly regulated and the website is secure to protect your personal information.

Documents can vary, but generally include proof of identity (such as ID or CNH), proof of residence, proof of income (such as pay stubs or income tax returns) and banking information. Many platforms accept the digital upload of these documents.

The main risks include high interest rates, unfavorable payment terms and the possibility of dealing with unreliable institutions. Make sure you fully understand the total costs of the loan, including additional fees, and choose a reputable financial institution to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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