Learn how to make money walking dogs
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Can you make money walking dogs? Discover the Dog Hero app

make money walking dogs

Walking dogs became a sought-after profession. But can you make money walking dogs? Follow our article and find out!

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, putting activities and commitments in the focus of attention has been a task assigned to people. At home, families have been looking for alternatives and practical ways to solve tasks. And one of them is to take care of pets. When it's time to go out for a walk with their pets, many dog owners are adopting a new way of working: dog walkers.


The number of people who embrace this activity also grows. But how do you know if the service is efficient? Can you make money walking dogs?

in the app dog hero, there is a lot of information that you can better understand if you seek the help of a dog walker or if you apply to work with this new activity.


What is Dog Hero?

The Dog Hero Application was created in 2014, with the aim of offering dog care services. Through the platform, the client can analyze the services offered and candidates for dog walkers can check information on how to undertake in this field. 

The service is present in several Brazilian cities and, in a short time, became the largest in Latin America. It is possible for a professional in the field to earn up to 8,000 monthly in high season periods. 

Interested? Check out more information below.

Can you make money walking dogs?

Yes, it is possible to earn a good monthly income walking dogs. But before venturing into the role, the candidate needs to know the level of responsibility he will assume with the new task. 

To be recognized as a reliable and quality professional requires preparation, study and dedication. On the Dog Hero App, anyone over the age of 18 can apply for caregiver or dog walker jobs. But, there are several tests to be performed. 

The candidate will be submitted to selection processes that will guarantee the safety of the animals, who will also be able to stay in the walkers' house, if they so wish. For the available services, the future professional will take specific courses and tests of knowledge related to the positions. 

But, they are not easy tasks. On average, few candidates are approved and fit for the new activity.

Is the Dog Hero App reliable?

Yes, no doubt. Present in more than 600 Brazilian cities, the service was created with the intention of taking care of pets while their owners need to be away. 

The professionals are trained and qualified to take care of the ones you love. Accommodation services for dogs and cats, one-day day care, daily visits to the client's home, walks and veterinary services are offered. 

Well, you must be wondering “can you make money walking dogs”? Yes, it is possible. Not only to walk the pets, but also with other services that you can provide. You can earn up to 100 reais or more per day!

Check some values.

For walking with dogs

You can earn up to 35 reais per hour or 25 reais per half hour.

daily hosting

You can charge between R$ 25 and R$120 per day.

animal visits

They range from R$ 30 to R$ 80 per contracted hour. 


Well, now that you know a little more about this activity, you've seen that you can actually earn money walking dogs. If you want to bet on this new activity, research a lot about this branch and check if you are really able to assign yourself to the task. 

Taking care of pets is very good, after all we are dealing with lives. And know that it is very important to take care of these little ones with care and affection. Follow these tips and we wish you the best of luck with your new activity!