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How to edit videos on mobile, learn best apps

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Surely you've made several recordings with your cell phone and you see that it's possible to put these takes together somehow. The best solution is to use a tool, for example a video editor of the many available. Of course, not everyone allows this function, although the vast majority do.


We at Mais Curioso are going to show you that there are 3 applications to join videos on Android that are very good. Keep reading to check out the options.

KineMaster – Video Editor

It's a complete video editor capable of performing any action that comes to mind, including cutting and joining clips in a few seconds. Kinemaster is an application that has been growing, both in functions and in users who have downloaded it so far.


When joining the videos, choose one or another part, click on join and wait for this process to be carried out, it usually takes a few seconds, depending on the weight of the files. You can crop the parts that you don't want to see, as well as add some details to make them look much more attractive.

Along with this function, Kinemaster is a powerful editor, it adds audio to your videos, silences them and gives voice to it as if it were a movie, among other details. This tool is one of the recommended ones due to its ease of use and, in addition, it is free, without advertising when it works.


It is probably the least known to people, although it has had a good number of downloads so far. It is a complete video and photo editor, uniting the first and second, regardless of the format, it adapts and reads any of them thanks to its pack of codecs included as standard.

AndroVid lets you join videos on Android with little more than selecting the two videos, you also have the possibility to add a few more if you want to join several at the same time. The quality is excellent, so much so that it will be perfect to play on any player you have at the moment (PC, cell phone or TV).

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The application has no advertising, it's free and, like the previous ones, it doesn't have a watermark, as if that weren't enough, it allows you to edit videos and photos at the same time, make a collage and a thousand and one other things. More than 50 million downloads and this tool scores 4.5 stars out of 5.

FilmoraGo – Video Editor

Talking about FilmoraGo is mentioning one of the best video editors today, similar to Kinemaster and with the ability to join videos on Android. So in it you just need to select the clips, click join and wait for the process to be done in just a minute.

It's one of the apps that will surely attract attention due to its ease of use, even if what you want is to edit a part of any clip you have on your cell phone. It prides itself on being one of the fastest editors of its kind out there, and it's not complicated at all, which it promises.

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It doesn't make the quality of the videos worse by stitching them together, so understanding makes the best it can be and keeping the quality you have them at. This renowned application is probably one of those recommended by the community thanks to the potential it has, in addition to having a version known as “Pro” in case you want to add extra functions. The application has themes so that the videos can have different music when making presentations.