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How to protect your phone from viruses via app


Security is a very important issue in these times, today we use several applications whose protection is a simple and simple password. And we hear and see news about cyber scams perpetrated by other people's friends who steal personal data, banks, etc. causing serious harm to users.


To avoid unnecessary surprises and scares, today we are going to see a series of applications that can help us improve security and add it to double authentication, a necessary and highly recommended factor that you must activate among the different options on your smartphone.

As we said, the two-factor authentication option to be able to access an application or service account, even a social network, is an addition to the security of the process and all this to confirm that the user who accesses it is himself and not a hacker with bad intentions.


However, we will see a series of applications that also facilitate our work and increase the security of our device.

Bouncer – Temporary app permission

We started with this application that gives us the possibility to personally grant permissions. This means that we can grant a permission for a certain period of time to that app that we must use, but we don't want to grant permissions continuously.

So, with Bouncer, we can use that app that asks us for access to the camera or permission to get its location whenever we want, but thanks to this app, as soon as we close the app, Bouncer will automatically remove the permission in an instant, without worry about leaving “doors open” in our privacy.

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Thanks to this application we will get greater security, privacy and battery life, as it closes background processes if we want to. In addition, by disabling certain permissions, these apps will not run in the background, which will save battery life.

Both its use and its installation are very simple, and the best part is that you don't need to be root or have your phone configured in a specific way.



Thanks to this application we will be able to protect the applications that we have selected, such as the gallery, WhatsApp or whatever we want by means of a password, pattern and fingerprint. With which we ensure that no one can access applications on our smartphone without permission.

In fact, we can configure it in such a way that it activates the camera and takes a picture when someone tries to access our phone and makes a mistake with the password, and even hides the fact that the application is being blocked with a fake error message.

The most notable features of this application are, among others, the possibility of blocking the applications that we want , taking a photo of the curious person and sending it by email, establishing access through the fingerprint to the applications that we have selected , avoiding notifications , establish a pattern on a larger scale and even invisible, blocking the terminal via an sms…

AppLock – Fingerprint

Antivirus + Security | Look out

Lookout is an antivirus like the ones we install on our desktop computers, with which we can eliminate viruses, trojans and malware. Any malicious file coming from apps, emails, web pages we enter, etc. In addition to providing the search for possible viruses installed in the software of our smartphone.

It has an option called “Secure Wi-Fi”, thanks to which we will be protected against any attack that we may receive over the network . In this way, we will have our data in a safe place and we will be able to browse and connect without fear of cyber attacks.

 Look out