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How to listen to FM radio online for free


If you are one of those who regularly listen to live radio, know that your cell phone is an excellent solution for you to do this wherever you are. Thanks to different applications, of which we have indicated five that we believe are the most interesting, you will be able to enjoy radio streaming wherever you go on weekends or vacations.


These applications are not those that offer personalized radios, like Spotify , but those that allow you to listen to stations that are normally on the “waves” , but using the Internet for that, since that option is available. Check it out in the article here on Mais Curioso.

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1. Radio FM

FM radio tops this top 1 and it's easy to see why. This app is perhaps the most complete option, not only because of its excellent design, but also because it lets you organize your radios in the right order, gives you the opportunity to create your own radio and even has a timer that automatically stops and turns off the radio while you sleep . There are 100 national radios in Portuguese and it also allows you to listen to more than 10,000 radios from different countries in the world.

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2. MyTuner

This is one of the online radio apps with the most national options. With MyTuner you can listen to more than 200 PT-BR radios and more than 30 thousand worldwide! In addition, it has numerous radios customized by users, even you can customize one. They are options in music, sports, politics or business. The app also lets you record the radio track in real time, share it on social media and listen to your radios in the background while using other apps on your smartphone. It is one of the most popular options.

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3. Radios Brasil

The Radios Brasil application has one focus: Brazilian music. In it, you will not find gringo radios: only Brazilian radios. Obviously, he selected the best radio stations and it becomes a really practical option if you just want to listen to Brazilian radio stations. It is worth remembering that it does not have as many options as the previous ones, but it deserves a place on the list due to its simplicity.

4. TuneIn Radio

So, this application has more than 100,000 radios around the world. If you speak English, the Android radio app might be for you! In addition to radios, it also offers thousands of podcasts, allows you to have a feed of your favorite radio stations and even share what you are listening to. An option that could not be on this list.

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5. Radio Garden

This is one of the coolest options out there. The reason is that its interface is very cool. Basically, you have a 3D globe and in it, you choose the continent/country and region you want to see the radio options, as if you were messing with a real school globe. Green dots will appear, they are the radios. Activating the location, the app detects where you are and shows you radios in your region. But if you want to go to Russia and listen to the music there, you can. The best thing about it is that the app is free.

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