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Avoid traffic jams and save time with these apps

traffic jams

Driving is not an easy task for anyone, because in addition to all the factors and skills that we must put on the road, we must have all five senses activated to avoid accidents or possible problems. In the case of traffic jams, it is one of the most exasperating inconveniences when we get behind the wheel, especially when there are holidays, bridges or when arriving and leaving work, where arriving on time becomes an odyssey.


Congestion can also occur due to accidents, controls, closed streets or highways, among other types of events. For this reason, temperance and patience are two fundamental factors when we find ourselves in these situations, although it is better to know in advance if we are going to encounter traffic jams, for which we bring you a list of the best applications to avoid traffic jams

The car is the main means of transport that we use in our country, which is why traffic jams are formed on the roads, as well as in the center of cities, as we said earlier. At certain times, the big cities of our country are very conflicting points due to the number of vehicles that can come together.


Applications to avoid traffic jams. What's the best?

To avoid annoying traffic jams, we have at our disposal many applications that inform us at the moment of the real state of the roads. Through them we can take alternative routes to avoid delays and save time until we reach our destination. We leave you with some of the best options.

Google maps

Google Maps is probably the best option we can find to avoid traffic jams.

Its alert service notifies us of traffic incidents near us and shows us the estimated time we can spend in the hold. The different colors measure the level of congestion that can occur along the route, indicating the busiest areas in red. In this case, it will show us the alternative routes to reach our destination sooner, and it will also be very useful for planning trips in advance, offering recommendations with the best times to travel and thus anticipate events.

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Waze is an application that has become very popular in recent years, and is even compared by many users to Google Maps. It is a community in which drivers are responsible for notifying all types of incidents on the roads in real time, which guarantees a fully useful service. Its design and interface are really easy to use.

The application always looks for the fastest route to avoid traffic jams and, if it detects traffic jams, it will automatically look for alternatives to save you waiting. It also notifies you of the best times to schedule your trips, as well as the estimated retention time on different stretches of the road.