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3 mobile quiz and quiz games

quiz question games

The Most Curious separated 3 questions and answers games for you to play with your family member or friend. These games can even be played online, without the need for one of you to leave the house. So stay tuned on the list.


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Respondents 2

It is one of the most important game titles and responses, so much so that it has managed to be downloaded by many millions of people so far. Trivia Crack 2 is a game that will hook the most curious people, including those people who haven't tried it so far.

It's a fun trivia video game where you have a fair amount of time to answer the question, given some other option available. The questions thrown are from different categories like Movies, Books, TV Shows, Artists and more. Try to get the answers right to beat your rival.

Spin the wheel, wait for the question to be asked and answer quickly if what you want is to win, but for that you must complete all of them without fail. Trivia Crack 2 is an application that you can play at any time and do it against high rivals, all thanks to its online mode.

Questioned – Quiz

Another board game similar to Trivia Crack 2, with the same philosophy of progressing through questions, which will be varied, including sports. To do this you have to respond quickly, all without much delay, since you have a maximum time for each one.

Challenged – Board Trivia adds thousands of questions, which will be of great variety, in addition the player will challenge another person, who knows or not. The online mode will pit you against the best players, although the level will depend on what each of them has played.

Among the questions, Questionado has the categories of “Geography”, History, Art, Science, Culture, Shows and many others. It's similar to Trivia Crack 2, it also has a virtual board with a dice to roll and you can advance throughout the game. It has a 4.4 star rating and over 1 million downloads.


Much like Trivial Pursuit, Atriviate has been advancing by leaps and bounds. to show that it is a title that will hook all players who experience it. Questions are from different subjects, try to answer each one correctly to advance and beat your opponent.

Throw the dice, land on a colored square and wait for the question to come up, you can get it right if you are an expert in each of the categories, which are quite a lot. Atriviate will make you try to get the 7 stars , if you get them all, you'll be the winner of the match in this two-player game for Android.

Atriviate has thousands of questions , knowing each one of them is not easy, but what is clear is that you must do your best if you want to win. The online mode has thousands of players to compete with. More than 5 million downloads endorse this application for the Android system.