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Discover 3 hunting games for Android


We at Mais Curioso have separated 3 electronic hunting games for you to enjoy on your cell phone or tablet. Continue reading to check out options for these games.


Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter

Use sniper gun to kill those wild animals that you will see throughout the game including fish and dinosaurs. They'll each have a slash to hold on to, but if you hit them in a key area, they'll quickly fall down.

The good thing about this title is its graphic section, pure realism of each animal, the weapon is representative and the shots have a very realistic fall. Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter has been taking advantage of updates to add content to the game until this latest stretch.


This hunting game for Android immerses you in two important worlds, the underwater world as well as the prehistoric world. It was one of the important sniper games of its time (+ 1 million downloads), maintains the trend of its early days and is fun on mobile and tablet.

wild hunter 3d

Enter the jungle, draw your sniper gun and start shooting any animal that tries to attack you throughout the game. Each one of them will give you a reward, so it's best that you try to hunt the piece that gives you the highest level throughout the games.

Beautiful scenarios, all with an important realism when it comes to movements, including that of the character you choose in this case. Wild Hunter 3D will make you reload when you run out of ammo in games where wild animals will hunt you.

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You have some extras to improve, so if you want to improve the weapon you have the option to do so, in addition to using extra things besides the sniper. It has already surpassed 10 million downloads and promises to launch a second part with improvements soon. The grade is 4.2.

4×4 hunting simulator

Undoubtedly one of the best hunting games for Android, with realism in every sense, both for the wild animals you'll see and for the character's movements. You'll find bears, deer, eagles and other birds that will fly over you, all with very careful graphics.

To do this, you must take the 4×4, a vehicle that you can drive up the mountain and reach the point to finish off everything you see moving. Be careful, not everything is as easy as it seems, each animal will get the best of you to try to take your health and end your life.

The good thing is that you can choose between a sniper, an AK47 and other firearms capable of taking down quickly and in bursts or single shots. You have the possibility to camouflage yourself, choose suitable clothes and one of the many weapons available when you want to start.

Hunting Clash: Hunting game

The hunt has begun and you will be fully immersed in the jungle, all equipped with a sniper and a crosshair that will hit any of the wild animals. Hunting Clash: Hunting game will make you able to observe all the animals having a decision to kill them if you hit them in a key point.

There will be important locations, the good thing about this title is that it is updated frequently, adding new content and all this based on the work of the developer. Hunting Clash has landscapes, graphics at the level of a video game that borders on perfection.

The good thing about Hunting Clash is that you have the possibility to play with people close to you and see if they improve your times, which is the mark they will give you. You can collect the different animals you hunt, thus giving you an important trophy. More than 10 million downloads have this app.