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How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to Nubank? check out

How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to Nubank? check out

Transfer money from Caixa Tem It's easier than you think. However, the Caixa Econômica Federal application allows operations to be carried out in a practical way, fast and hassle-free.


However, CEF's famous digital savings account is a great way to concentrate earnings from social benefits and allows users to carry out various operations. Currently, millions of Brazilians use the service. 

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Therefore, find out below how to make transfers through the Caixa Tem app, how to access it and what are the advantages that the platform offers. Know, too, how to send the resources to the Nubank.

How to transfer money from Caixa Tem?

When the customer receives his benefit, he can use the money in various operations, including making a transfer. Therefore, the application performs the operations easily and in real time. 

How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to Nubank? check out
How to transfer money from Caixa Tem to Nubank? Check it out / Pexels Image Credits

Generally, the benefits deposited in Caixa Tem refer to:

  • Brazil Aid;
  • PIS;
  • FGTS.

However, the customer can use the Caixa platform to carry out their transactions with the app's virtual card, withdrawals or via PIX. Furthermore, You can withdraw money from any CEF ATM.

How to transfer benefits to Nubank?

If you are contemplated by the social benefits of the Federal Government and, also, are an account holder of the Nubank, you can transfer the values to the digital wallet of the “roxinho”. To do so, just follow the steps below:

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  • enter Caixa Tem and select the PIX option;
  • click on “Pay”, type the key or use the QR Code;
  • enter the amount to be transferred;
  • check the details of who will receive the payment;
  • enter the personal password to confirm the operation.

As a second option, it is possible to generate a bank slip through NuConta and make the transfer. In this method, see how to do:

  • open the app of Nubank and select “Deposit”;
  • then check the option “Deposit by bank slip”;
  • enter the value and click “Confirm”;

Done that, the platform of Nubank will generate the bank slip and just make the payment through Caixa Tem. However, the values can take from two to three days to be deposited in NuConta

On the other hand, you can program a “Doc” to transfer the balance to the beneficiary. With this, it is possible to make transfers to Caixa Econômica Federal accounts, digital banks or other financial institutions. 

How to make payments through Caixa Tem?

If you want to keep your payment routine in the Caixa Tem app, you can easily carry out your operations through the platform. Therefore, must follow the guidelines below:

  • open the app and select “Make payments”;
  • select the barcode reading option or enter the numbering;
  • check all data to make the payment;
  • click on “Make payment” and enter your password;
  • save the receipt.

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