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How does MEI maternity aid work? See how to apply

How does MEI maternity aid work? See how to apply

O MEI Maternity Allowance it is one of the most important benefits in the country and, as a result, it provides working women with a period of leave after giving birth. However, the benefit is also valid for micro-entrepreneurs. 


Therefore, it is necessary to have a formal job, but if the pregnant woman contributes to the INSS, she may be entitled to the special salaryl. However, it is necessary to meet the rules to receive the aid. 

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Therefore, find out below the details about Maternity Allowance, how to apply and who is entitled to the benefit. See also, what is needed to register and order.

How does Maternity Allowance work?

This Federal Government benefit serves pregnant women who work with a formal contract, businesswomen registered as MEI or who contribute individually to social security

How does MEI maternity aid work? See how to apply
How does MEI maternity aid work? See how to order / Pixabay Image Credits

Furthermore, It is possible to request assistance in some cases such as:

  • proven adoptions;
  • legal custody for children up to 12 years old;
  • miscarriage.

However, the MEI pregnant woman must be up to date with the DAS contribution installments and, at least, ten paid installments. However, if the businesswoman is pregnant when registering the company, she will not be entitled.

How to apply for the benefit?

If you are a micro entrepreneur or formal worker, you can apply in a simple and uncomplicated way. For that, just follow the steps below:

  • access the site “My INSS”;
  • click on “”;
  • enter the CPF to login;
  • go to “Services” and select “Benefits”;
  • check “Salário-Maternidade” and follow the guidelines.

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That said, separate the documents requested to enter the benefit. Then select, in the portal, the INSS agency for analysis and bank datas to receive credit. 

Who can apply for Maternity Allowance?

Maternity Allowance is a benefit granted to workers in different professional modalities. However, women should be classified into the following categories:

  • workers with a formal contract;
  • individual taxpayers, optional or MEIs;
  • maids;
  • rural workers;
  • deceased beneficiary's spouse or partner.

How long does it take for the benefit to be approved?

The INSS establishes a period of up to 45 days for the release of the benefit. Although, the process can take up to three months according to the location of the residence and, also, for exceptional cases. 

Although, You can track your order in the following way:

  • download the application "My INSS" to android It is iOS;
  • click on “Order Inquiries”;
  • search for your process and click on “Detail”.

How much is the Maternity Allowance?

If the worker has a formal contract, she will receive the equivalent of her monthly salary. However, the payment amount cannot be less than a minimum wage, regardless of payment. 

However, if you contribute individually or as a MEI, you will receive according to the calculation on the percentage of contribution to the minimum wage. Therefore, follow the rules and analyze whether you will be entitled to the benefit.

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