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INSS is paying for THIS GROUP this week: how to receive


Those who are retired or pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) will receive new payments in the first week of November. According to the agency, until the 8th, installments from the month of October will be delivered. So from the 24th to the 7th of December, policyholders will be required to pay the 13th salary.


It is noteworthy that about 36 million Brazilians are in the Social Security program. These Brazilians are separated into two groups: those who receive up to one minimum wage and those who benefit from a payment between the national floor and the stipulated ceiling.

Also according to Social Security, payments will be made on November 1st, 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th. If you want to check the date you receive your installment, you need to check the final digit of your registration number. The INSS payment schedule is organized according to this data.


Find out below who receives the INSS benefit:

  1. Disability pensioners;
  2. Retirees due to contribution time;
  3. Special retirees;
  4. Illness benefit;
  5. Accident assistance;
  6. Aid-seclusion;
  7. Pension for death;
  8. Special pension;
  9. Maternity pay;
  10. Family allowance;
  11. Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC).

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INSS November calendar for those who earn up to a minimum wage

Benefit ending October 5 – October 31;
Benefit ending 6 – 1 November;
Benefit ending 7 – 3 November;
Benefit ending 8 – 4 November;
Benefit ending 9 – 7 November;
Benefit ending 0 – 8 November.

INSS November calendar for those who receive up to the value ceiling

Benefit ending 1st and 6th – November 1st;
Benefit ending 2nd and 7th – November 3rd;
Benefit ending 3 and 8 – 4 November;
Benefit ending 4th and 9th – 7th of November;
Benefit ending in 5 and 0 – November 8.

How to withdraw INSS 2022

Therefore, in order to withdraw Social Security 2022, it must be done at CAIXA Econômica Federal agencies or at Lottery units. The beneficiary must carry an official identification document with a photo, in addition to the social security card and password.