Novela Pantanal: check out how to watch it for free through the app
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Novela Pantanal: check out how to watch it for free through the app

A telenovela Pantanal is being one of TV Globo's biggest audience successes in the year 2022. Although in Brazil many have access to televisions and television channels, many are looking for ways to watch this soap opera. online.


In short, Pantanal manages to reassemble the soap opera from the past so well with a certain timelessness in this remake, which is not surprising that many are changing the streaming  with series to watch this TV Globo work. Above all, there is no lack of interested parties when it comes to watching this telenovela.

Therefore, to contribute to the "novelas" on duty, we have approached the simplest way to watch this soap opera on your cell phone or computer. from the app oficial da Globo here we will demonstrate how to watch this soap opera for free.


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Pantanal soap opera

Leader in prime-time audience on Brazilian television, the current “Pantanal” is nothing more than a new recording of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s work, from the 1990s soap opera. With a new cast, the new one is being a real success, reaching more than 30 audience points.

Despite airing from Monday to Saturday on TV Globo, as a soap opera at 9 pm, this title can be watched on Globo Play whenever viewers want. However, to watch in the app you need to have a subscription plan.

Novela Pantanal: Check out How to Watch Free Through the Application

Therefore, in addition to explaining how to watch the Pantanal from the GloboPlay, here we will explain other ways to access this telenovela and watch it for free. Therefore, those who do not want to miss an episode of the plot can check here for easy alternatives to watch.

Globo Play

At Globo Play it is possible to find different classic titles of soap operas and productions by Globo, in addition to Pantanal. In addition, there are several series, films and documentaries of different genres to please viewers who subscribe to the streaming

Firstly, to watch Pantanal from the streaming of the largest television network in Brazil, you must access its official website. Thus, in the time of the soap opera, it is necessary to click on “Now on TV”. In sequence, you must choose “Watch now” and access.

For this you will need to register, or simply perform the Login. Once done, now it remains to wait for the live broadcast to be able to watch. Incidentally, this is the only free way to access the telenovela through the application. 

After all, the recording of the other episodes of the telenovela is restricted to those who subscribe to the Globo Play. But those with a subscription plan can watch the latest episode right after it airs on TV.

Step by step to watch for free

In addition to being able to watch through the Globo Play, Internet users who wish to follow the telenovela in a summarized form can do so for free from the Gshow. For that, you need to access the site of Gshow and go to the soap operas section. Then, select Pantanal as an option.

Finally, just select the “Chapters” option and watch the “pills” of the soap opera Pantanal. Generally, they are videos between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Putting together the fragments you can compose complete episodes. In the end, this ends up being like following the soap opera expressly.

Also, it's a good alternative to rerun episodes or watch a new one. This option makes it more practical to search for specific moments and characters in the telenovela, as the titles are identified by the occasions and characters that appear in the videos.

But if you are interested in following the telenovela in a more practical way, with a complete experience in HD, just subscribe Globo Play.  The subscription plans vary in price between R$ 19 and R$ 64, with different benefits included in their packages.

Is it worth subscribing to Globo Play to watch Pantanal?

whereas the streaming has several options of titles and content genres, in addition to soap operas, Globo Play is a great platform for movies, series and documentaries. In addition, its different subscription plans allow access to different benefits.

From access to live channels to closed network television channels, such as Discovery+ or Premiere FC, of sports. Prices may vary depending on account qualifications. But anyway, the basic plan can be considered excellent.

After all, from it it is possible to follow the esteemed soap opera we talk about so much, Pantanal. In fact, there are several titles present in the catalog of Globo Play. There are thousands of titles, in addition to allowing downloads to be able to watch them whenever you want on mobile devices.

Anyway, there are many reasons to subscribe to this exhibition platform in addition to being able to follow Globo's programming. And one of them is the possibility of simultaneity on 5 different screens, in addition to the wide range of national productions that can only be found in its catalogue.

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