Healthy life: learn how to improve with this app
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Healthy life: learn how to improve with this app

There are currently many apps that bring the proposal to add a healthy life to its users. And among them is Healthy life, app available for system phones android, with download free and easy to join on a daily basis to easily achieve well-being.


In short, the focus of this application is on helping diabetic patients to reconcile their lives with their health condition. From it, it is possible to count on different tools for registration, control, alarms and other factors that contribute to the health of the diabetic.

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Whether for hyper or hypoglycemia, Vida Saudável Sick has resources that can be of great use in times of glycemic crises. So, diabetics, especially those who suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, have a real ally in this application.

Therefore, to talk more about the usefulness, functionality and general aspects of this digital health tool, we have listed some important details. So, for greater diabetes control and more quality of life, here are details about Healthy Living.

Healthy Life: Learn How To Improve With This App

Healthy Life: learn how to improve with this app

When performing the download for free at Play Store, Healthy Life can start to be used. But to get started, you need to register, if you don't already exist. Providing information about name, phone and creating a password it is possible to create an account.

After completing the registration and completing the Login you can explore what this application has to offer. Right on your home screen you can come across different tools. To start using it, just click on one of them and enjoy what the app offers.

Since this tool facilitates different aspects of diabetes treatment, here we will address each of them in general. Thus, we will be able to explain all the features and complements offered by this application, including the chat with health professionals.

Features of app

Those with the least education about diabetes know that this disease does not allow for irregularities when it comes to diet. For this reason, in addition to offering an alarm at meal times, Vida Saudável also has a food guidance tool.

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And regarding the subject of “food”, one of its functions is the recording of blood glucose and the site of insulin application. This is done in a quick and practical way, so that there are no difficulties in parameterizing the diabetes. Other than that, there are other registration possibilities.

Weight, height, glycated hemoglobin, abdominal circumference, neck circumference and physical exercises are some of the recordable aspects. Incidentally, those who are in the habit of attending medical appointments and detailing information to the health professional have a true ally in this.

In addition, Healthy Life also has motivational messages, guidelines for glycemic crises and even chat with health professionals. In other words, it is a recommended platform to have on your cell phone as a patient with diabetes. Therefore, it proposes to monitor, control and manage the health condition of the user.

Is it worth relying on Healthy Life?

Considering all its features and that most competing apps don't offer as many positive aspects as this one, Vida Saudável is one of the best options for people with diabetes who want to align technology in their favor. No wonder it is so highly rated.

Healthy life: learn how to improve with this app
Healthy life: learn how to improve with this app / Image Credits pexels

Occupying only 5.7 megabytes of cell phone memory, this application has more than 1000 installations and is recommended for all audiences. One of its positive points is the vast approach occupying little space in the user's memory. smartphone.

In addition, Healthy Living is of great help to diabetics who want to better understand their condition. And the same goes for parents who take care of diabetic children and need a complete tool to facilitate the treatment of the little ones.

Above all, it is worth relying on Vida Saudável, yes. After all, this is a completely free solution created with the intention of helping those who need to deal with diabetes. And in this regard, Vida Saudável delivers everything it proposes in its app store description.

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