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Carrefour Credit Card: see the benefits of being a customer

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Looking for a card with high limits and countless possibilities? See how the Carrefour card can be your best financial solution today, discover its benefits!


When it comes to benefits and zero annual fees, Carrefour has the ideal solution for you. With your Carrefour card you don't necessarily only need to buy from official stores and you can use your credit as and when you prefer. See the possibilities that being a Carrefour customer can provide you.

Have a versatile card on hand that offers you facilities for physical and online purchases, in addition to having zero annual fees. Pay in as many installments as you need for your purchases at Carrefour stores and have the best possibilities within your financial conditions. Ready to learn more about this incredible card?


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Advantages you have when obtaining a Carrefour credit card

Countless benefits await you when you choose to become a Carrefour customer. With its robust financial products, you enjoy many more advantages than you imagine, and have countless possibilities that make your day-to-day financial transactions even easier.


Knowing the card you have in your hands allows you to make the most of its benefits and allows you to save. See what other benefits the Carrefour card can give you and think about your decision to have one of these in your wallet today. Ready to discover this card full of advantages?



A credit card with no annual fee and full of benefits is waiting for your approval. Discover more advantages.

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Annual fee reset

With the Carrefour card, your annual fee is reset monthly when making any purchase on the card. Don't pay maintenance fees for your credit card, and the best thing about it is that any amount is valid to reset your card's annual fee and ensure that you won't have any surprises when you receive the invoice.


Pay only for what you consume and guarantee an even more positive experience when using your Carrefour credit card. To have your annual fee reset, consumption does not need to be

necessarily be in a Carrefour store, it can be in any physical or online store where the annual fee is automatically reset.

Discounts at partner stores

When you are a Carrefour card customer, you can enjoy discounts for the most varied niches, from clothing stores to laboratories. The Carrefour card partnerships are solid and provide significant discounts for its customers, who are looking to pay lower amounts at the time of consumption.


Furthermore, you pay with the best possible conditions at partner stations and at Carrefour drugstores. Also get discounts when consuming at Carrefour's physical and online stores and also at the partner petshop. See your savings double when you have Carrefour in your wallet.

Financial adjustment at your disposal

By choosing Carrefour as your credit card, you have the option of choosing between 14 due dates, meaning you can worry-free and adjust the payment date as you receive it. Count on the best possibilities and have a card that fits your consumption pattern.


With the Carrefour card you can pay in up to 20 interest-free installments in Carrefour stores and on the Carrefour website, which allows you to have much more time to pay, without compromising your finances completely. Split your purchases as many times as necessary and get the best of Carrefour without complications.

Up to 4 additional cards

Thinking about serving not only you, but your entire family, Carrefour offers up to 4 additional cards so that you and all members of your family can take advantage of the card's possibilities in a unique way. The main limit can be shared between the 4 cards, and everyone enjoys the benefits. 


Have a credit card to serve you and all members of your family, without lacking benefits for everyone. Take advantage of the payment options and discounts at partner stores to provide savings for everyone and, above all, have a great experience with Carrefour products.

Discover the benefits of the Carrefour card in practice.

A card designed for you

Choosing the Carrefour Card as your credit option, the possibilities are endless. You have more time to pay for your purchases, you can pay in installments as many times as you want, and you also have high limits within the category. Not to mention the zero annual fee when making any monthly purchase.


To request a Carrefour credit card, simply click on the button located higher up on the page, where you will be redirected to the official Carrefour network request page. Your proposal is analyzed and responded to quickly. Ready to be a Carrefour customer?

Common questions:

The Carrefour card offers a variety of benefits, such as exclusive discounts on purchases at Carrefour stores, points programs that can be exchanged for products or discounts, as well as special promotions for card holders.

You can apply for a Carrefour card online, through the company's official website, or at one of the Carrefour physical stores. Typically, you will need to provide identification documents and proof of income to apply for the card.

Both cards offer similar benefits but are issued by different payment networks. The Carrefour Mastercard is issued by Mastercard and the Carrefour Visa card is issued by Visa. The main difference may be in the specific perks offered by each network, such as rewards programs or additional insurance.

Some Carrefour cards may have annual fees, while others may offer free annual fees, depending on the type of card and current promotions. It is important to check the specific terms and conditions of your card when applying to understand whether there is an annual fee and what the exemption conditions are.

Yes, depending on the type of card, you can use your Carrefour card at other establishments that accept your credit card brand (Mastercard or Visa). This means you can use it to shop anywhere these brands are accepted, not just in Carrefour stores.

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