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Geru Loan: have money in your pocket at any time

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One of the best loan options today awaits you. Discover the Geru loan and all the benefits it can provide you financially.


Do you need credit in the most flexible way possible? Discover Geru Loan, which has been very successful in the financial market, presenting the best options for those looking for money in an uncomplicated way to achieve their goals in just one go.

Having lower interest rates than normal is one of the biggest needs to be met by customers and Geru can meet this demand with excellence, providing the lowest interest rates in the category for those who need a larger amount of money.


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Geru Loan Benefits

Invest in yourself or even in your business with the credit options that Geru brings to you. With innovative options full of benefits, you see your financial capacity increasing exponentially and allowing you to enjoy your amount the way you prefer.


The money is deposited into your account quickly after your request is approved, allowing you to use your money as quickly as possible and have the best payment terms. Don't rush because Geru splits your amount as many times as necessary, depending on your needs.



Take as much as you need in as many installments as necessary to pay off your debts or even make your dreams come true.

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More time to pay

Pay your amount in up to 36 installments without having to worry about abusive charges. Geru understands that you may need more time to pay and with this in mind, it decided to provide longer deadlines if you need to extend the payment of your installments.


You choose how many installments your amount will be paid in and have the possibility of a reduction if you prefer during the process. Know that your finances are protected with the possibilities that Geru gives you, and you can be guaranteed not to expect abusive interest rates throughout the payment.

Fast money

Geru deposits your money within 1 business day after approving your request, but it is important that all the information is correct and that, above all, you have sent all your documents correctly for analysis, so that they do not need to be sent again.


Check all the necessary documentation before starting your credit application and be sure that your approval will come the first time. When you choose Geru, your money drops quickly and you can use it as quickly as possible after it is available in your account.

Fast simulation

On Geru's website you can simulate in advance and find out the value that the finance company has for you, as well as the value of the installments and how soon you can pay. This simulation is ideal for those who want to find out whether Geru's values and payment terms meet their needs.


The simulation also allows you to plan financially and prepare for installments that fit your budget, without any major surprises when paying. Count on an assertive and detailed simulation to ensure that you are making the right financial choice for your budget.

Quality service

The Geru Team is ready to provide you with a unique experience when applying for your loan. Ask your questions and count on our customer service representatives to listen to you and explain the entire process of applying for your loan. It is essential that you have all your doubts resolved.


You can receive support via WhatsApp or even via email and receive a quick response. It is essential that you resolve your doubts as much as possible even before the loan contracting process to ensure greater security of your data and especially your money.

Simulate your values on the Geru website.

Geru has the best option on the market for you

If your search is for higher amounts and payment terms, Geru is certainly the ideal finance company for you. With satisfactory credit offers, you will have the amount needed to eliminate your debts or maintain your business, and you will have quality service.


To apply for a Geru loan, you must read all the recommendations beforehand and submit the necessary documents for approval correctly. Once approved, you can start using your money however you prefer. Ready to apply for your loan with Geru?

Common questions:

Geru is an online personal loan platform that connects individuals in need of credit with investors willing to lend money. It operates completely digitally, allowing customers to apply for loans quickly and conveniently.

The process at Geru is quite simple. Customers need to complete an online application form, providing personal and financial information. Geru then analyzes this information and, if approved, the customer receives a loan offer with specific rates and terms. If the customer accepts the offer, the money is deposited into their bank account within a short time.

Some of the advantages of obtaining a loan with Geru include competitive interest rates, a fast and completely online process, transparency in loan conditions and the convenience of not having to visit a physical bank to apply for a loan.

The basic requirements to apply for a loan at Geru include being at least 18 years old, having a valid CPF, proving a minimum monthly income, having a bank account in your name and passing the company's credit analysis.

Yes, Geru is considered a safe and reliable company. It uses advanced technologies to protect customer information and ensure the security of financial transactions. Additionally, Geru is regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, which adds an additional layer of trust for customers.

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