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Ourocard Card: Advantages that never end

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Understanding the power of the credit card you have in your hands is essential when applying for it and especially when using it. Discover the advantages of Ourocard.


The Ourocard card, one of the most famous in Brazil, is waiting for your request. You have no idea how a card as powerful as this can positively impact your finances and provide you with the best purchases with the limit you need.

Today we are going to show you that having an Ourocard card in your wallet is much more advantageous than you might think, and we will also show you how easy it is to request and put such a powerful tool in your pocket. Discover the benefits of the Banco do Brasil credit card and request yours today.


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Advantages of having an Ourocard Card

When we talk about the Ourocard credit card we are talking about versatility and possibilities. Bando do Brasil offers cards from different brands so you can choose which one offers you the most advantages, and has several payment options that actually fit your pocket.


Discover the other advantages of Banco do Brasil and consider requesting yours today. Banco do Brasil is for those who like practicality and, above all, an uncomplicated account full of features. Banco do Brasil's financial products take your purchasing power to another level.



Countless possibilities await you with the official Banco do Brasil card.

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Exclusive advantages at Shopping BB

Take advantage of the fact that your Ourocard card is full of possibilities and use its advantages at Shopping BB. You have access to exclusive items on the market and the best of all is that there you have the best payment options and, above all, points that accumulate on your card for future use.


Discover the possibilities when accessing Shopping BB and always make purchases with your Ourocard. Shopping BB has exclusive items and the best of all is that the possibilities are countless if you already have an Ourocard to call your own. Access the BB shopping mall and see the available items.

Buy inside and outside Brazil

Even though Ourocard is a Banco do Brasil product, you can use it and enjoy the benefits wherever you are in the world. Use your Ourocard for purchases abroad too, with the same benefits you have inside Brazil.


The coolest thing about all this is that the overseas shopping function has already been enabled for you, so all you have to do is take it out of your wallet when traveling and buy a lot, taking advantage of the advantages and especially the easy payment options that Ourocard provides you with. any purchase.

Benefits of flags

With Banco do Brasil you not only enjoy the benefits of the Bank, but also of all the brands it offers. In other words, get double the benefits when purchasing an Ourocard card, and save much more when using the advantages of Shopping BB and also the chosen brand.


Even before your card arrives, you can see which brand will be called yours. We recommend that you visit the official website of the brand, whether Mastercard, Visa or Elo, and see what benefits users can enjoy with their credit cards anywhere in the world.

Greater security

Travel safely and have greater control over your expenses, all with Banco do Brasil's intelligent security system. All purchases are notified via your cell phone and you are kept in the loop if your card suffers any type of theft or suspicious purchases are made.


Have greater security in the palm of your hand with Ourocard and know that you are not unprotected when using it. Banco do Brasil keeps you informed of your transactions, has guaranteed insurance for your trips and protects other items that are of extreme value to you and your family.



Request your Ourocard today.

Come be an Ourocard customer

With your Ourocard credit card you can be sure that your purchasing power has improved by 100%, you will have the best terms to pay and enjoy the best benefits that a physical bank credit card can provide you in the short, medium and long term.


Opening an account at Banco do Brasil is quick and you just need to send the necessary documents and your request will quickly receive a response. Are you ready to revolutionize your wallet and have your Ourocard in your pocket?

Common questions:

Ourocard is a line of credit and debit cards offered by Banco do Brasil. It offers a variety of options, from basic cards to cards with premium benefits like rewards points and airport lounge access.

Ourocard benefits vary depending on the type of card and the associated service package. They may include the accumulation of points that can be exchanged for products, discounts at partner establishments, frequent flyer programs, various insurances, among others.

Requesting an Ourocard card can generally be made through the Banco do Brasil website, mobile application or at a physical branch of the bank. Requirements may vary, but generally include proof of income and credit analysis.

Yes, like most credit cards, Ourocard cards may have associated fees, such as annual fees, interest rates when paying invoices in installments, among others. Specific fees depend on the type of card and service package chosen by the customer.

Yes, many variants of the Ourocard card are international and can be used to make purchases at establishments around the world, in addition to allowing withdrawals from ATMs abroad. However, it is important to check the specifications of the specific card, as some versions may be restricted for national use only.

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