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Digio credit card: the best option for those who like practicality

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Discover all the benefits that the Digio credit card is capable of giving you. Numerous features and advantages await you in this uncomplicated financial system.


It's finally time to discover the Digio credit card, an uncomplicated solution for you if you're looking for a credit card full of facilities and tangible features that make a difference in your pocket. Understand better how the Digio credit card works and give your opinion in practice.

A credit card with no annual fee and that provides you with the same benefits as other cards is undoubtedly an option to consider. You only pay for your consumption, have high limits and benefits that only Digio can give you. See more about the Digio credit card and request yours today.


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Advantages of the Digio Credit Card

At Digio you enjoy the best benefits in the category, without having to worry about other issues. Your limit will be high and you have the best a credit card can offer you in the palm of your hand. Uncomplicated transactions await you at Digio, and everything can be done via cell phone.


This makes life easier for those who need a credit card but are unable to make occasional visits to a physical bank. See what other benefits the Digio credit card can bring you and consider requesting yours. You will see a significant difference and have a positive experience with this credit card.



Have one of the most uncomplicated credit cards full of benefits on the financial market.

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No annual fee

You can be sure that when using the Digio credit card you will only pay for your consumption, without counting on surprise fees that end up increasing your card bill. The Digio credit card has no annual fee and no extra card maintenance fees, which ensures you are assured when paying.


Don't be surprised by extra amounts on your invoice. The services that Digio provides are entirely for the customer's comfort and there is no extra fee charged for this. You are free to use your card knowing that in the end you will only be paying for your consumption.

Everything on your cell phone

With Digio you will be safe and have complete certainty that everything can be resolved and monitored via cell phone. Track your transactions, pay your invoices and see your limits, all in the palm of your hand, without having to go to a physical branch and face queues.


This dynamic makes all the difference for those who don't have much time to resolve credit card issues in person. You can even receive guidance from the Digio team via WhatsApp if you have any questions regarding your invoice or usage. Digio solves everything for you via cell phone.

Safe shopping

With the Digio credit card you are safe, as is your money. All your consumption behavior is monitored and you are notified if there is a suspicious transaction, or even if something deviates from standards. This behavior is Digio trying to protect you from possible scams.


In addition, you have an extended warranty on items purchased from partner stores using your Digio card. Your shopping experience will never be the same and you will have much more security when making purchases using your Digio credit card.

Discounts at partner stores

At Shopping Digio and partner stores you are free to buy and pay less. Get lots of discount coupons and receive significant cashbacks for every purchase made at partner stores or at Shopping Digio using your card, in addition to the benefit of an extended warranty for specific items.


Have a new shopping experience and see how you can pay much less with your credit card. Before making purchases, check the coupons available to you and also check the cashbacks that can be received when making a specific purchase. Digio shopping mall and partners await you.

Have a hassle-free credit card in your wallet.

The Digio credit card was made for you

If your goal with a credit card is ease and hassle-free, know that Digio has the best option for you. A credit card full of benefits and uncomplicated, that delivers what it promises and provides you with a unique experience with a credit card from a digital bank.


Requesting a Digio credit card can be very quick, and usually on the same day the finance company will provide you with feedback and you can start using your limit as you wish. Order yours today and start shopping. Are you ready to become a Digio customer?

Common questions:

The Digio credit card is a financial product offered by Digio, a Brazilian financial services company. It is an international credit card with no annual fee and with several features, such as full control through the application, the possibility of paying in installments for purchases, cashback on some transactions, among others.

Some of the main advantages of the Digio credit card include the absence of annual fees, ease of management through the application, the possibility of paying for purchases in up to 12 installments, cashback on some transactions, and international acceptance of the Visa brand.

The Digio credit card application can be made through the company's official website or through the mobile application. Generally, the application process involves filling out a form with personal information and then having your credit analyzed by the financial institution.

The requirements for obtaining a Digio credit card may vary, but generally include being over 18 years old, having a valid CPF, proving a minimum income, among other criteria established by the card issuing company.

Control via the Digio credit card application allows the user to monitor in real time all transactions carried out with the card, view the available limit, pay the invoice, generate a virtual card for online purchases, block the card in case of loss or theft, among other features that provide greater control and security to the user.

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