FGTS will have available R$13.2 billion in profits for workers: check it out
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FGTS will have available R$13.2 billion in profits for workers: check it out

The value to be passed from FGTS, has already been published, but it turns out that there are many questions that can end up arising. However, no need to worry, we will clear up the main doubts here.


However, it is essential to have all the information about the FGTS so that you can follow the rules for withdrawing and, above all, know how your FGTS deposit will be made. With this information, you will be more up to date.

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What amount will I receive from FGTS

Each one has a different amount to be received in their account, because it depends on their base salary and their contribution. The amount to be received is the total profit balance for the year 2021.

For example, those who had around 100.00 reais in their account will receive around 2.75 reais. Those who have 1,000 reais will receive 27.49 reais. The higher the balance, the more the profit.

FGTS Will Have Available R$13.2 Billion in Profits for Workers: Check

Understand how to check your balance

sand you still don't know the balance in your FGTS account, know that it's very easy to check it. With this consultation you will already have an idea of how much you will end up receiving.

Finally, to be able to see your balance, start by entering the FGTS application, logging in with your access data and you will see your balance. If you don't have the app, you can download it or enter it on the Caixa website, or through your Caixa account.

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See how it works for those who drew the FGTS

sknow that the income, which will be paid this year, refers to 2021. Those who ended up withdrawing, before December 31, will have the amount to be paid, the money in the account of the last day of the year 2020.

However, who made the withdrawal after December 31, due to being fired or even to have their own home. You won't end up running the risk of losing your income, so don't worry.

Discover some of the rules to get cash out

There are certain situations, such as unfair dismissal, or termination of a contract within the established period, or during retirement.

FGTS will have available R$13.2 billion in profits for workers: check it out
FGTS will have available R$13.2 billion in profits for workers: check / Pixabay image credit

Thus, it is also possible to withdraw the FGTS in other situations, such as a natural disaster or state of public calamity that is recognized by the government. In the case of the worker with certain types of illnesses, FGTS payment will also be made.

Know who will be entitled to receive the FGTS

Lastly, it is important to understand who will be entitled to withdraw your FGTS. So that in this way you can plan, thus making a correct application of your money.

Anyway, who is entitled to receive payment, will be those who have a signed work card as: jobs governed by the CLT, maids, rural workers, single workers, temporary workers, professional athletes and harvesters. 

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