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Gas Assistance Who is entitled to this benefit? Check it out here

For every citizen to have the right to gas aid, it must be registered in the Cadastro Único. Thus, having a family income less than or equal to half the minimum wage per person.


However, gas aid is a program designed to help low-income families buy cooking gas.

Therefore, the federal savings bank will be able to pay the gas allowance. However, only for selected people by the Ministry of Citizenship, It is for making channels available to assist beneficiaries who have questions about withdrawing the benefit.


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See if you are entitled to the gas aid benefit

So, all the families enrolled in the CadUnique, with monthly family income less than or equal to half minimum wage per person, this includes families receiving benefits from government programs. 

Therefore, families that have a relative who lives in the same house, and receives the benefit of continued provision of social assistance, and whether or not they are enrolled in the CadUnique.

However, the benefit of the aid program follows some criteria: the families with the registration of the CadÚnico that you have updated in the last 24 months, families who are receiving the Brazil aid.

Families with qualified registration by the manager through the use of the investigation data, when available. 

Gas Assistance Who is entitled to this benefit? Check Here

It is important to point out that families with women victims of domestic violence who are under monitoring of emergency protective measures will be prioritized.

What is the gas allowance?

So, the gas aid is a program of the federal government. Created by Law No. 14,237, of November 19, 2021 and regulated by Decree No. 10,881, of December 2, 2021. To reduce the effect of cooking gas prices on the budget of low-income families. 

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The benefit of the gas aid program will be paid within the limit of 1 benefit per family will benefit, in alternate months, in the amount of R$ 52.00. So, this amount represents 50% of the average national reference price for a 13 kg gas cylinder.

The benefit amount will be released in a digital or bank account. If the family does not have access to one of these account options, it will be opened automatically.

A digital social savings, the validity of the program benefit portion 

Aid is 120 days, from the date on which the benefit is made available in the payment option. And the payment of the gas aid program can be accumulated with other benefits, as well as the scholarship aid from the Brazil aid program.

Amounts transferred by gas aid 

The amounts transferred by the gas aid will not be computed as income in the Single Registry. So, it should be done inclusion of the family in this aid. And there will be the registration of the beneficiary in an electronic system based on the information contained in the single registration.

For families enrolled in the CadÚnico, the payment of the gas allowance benefit will be made to a person responsible for the family, preferably the woman, she must be the one indicated for the registration.

Therefore, for families that are not registered in the CadUnique, as beneficiaries of the continuous provision benefit (BPC) payment will be made to the holder or legal guardian.

How long will the gas voucher be offered? 

So, the program regulation gas voucher, determine who will be made available to beneficiaries for a period of five continuous years. Therefore, with payment every two months, the amounts may vary according to each season. 

Also remembering that after registering in the Single Registry is just a prerequisite. Therefore, this will not guarantee the immediate entry of families into the program or the receipt of the benefit, first an evaluation will be carried out automatically.

Now let's check the gas aid calendar - June 2022

  • NIS ending 1: June 17;
  • NIS ending 2: June 20;
  • NIS ending 3: June 21;
  • NIS ending 4: June 22;
  • NIS ending 5: June 23.

So now, comment here in the comments, if you've already received or will still receive the gas valley.

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