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How the Brazil Aid works: check who is entitled

O aid Brazil is a social program that seeks to improve the basic income of families living in vulnerable situations. So, it integrates public social assistance policies administered by the Ministry of Citizenship. All families that received the family allowance were automatically transferred to the Brazil aid.


Therefore, in addition to including 2.5 million benefits who were in the queue. In all, 17 million families were covered by the program. Families with children aged 0 to 36 months will be paid monthly, the amount of R$ 130.00 per member, with a limit of five benefits.

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Families with pregnant women or people between 3 and 21 years old will be paid monthly, the amount of R$ 65.00 per member. Until reaching the limit of five benefits per family.

$ 100 for families whose family income per person, calculated after the growth of the above benefits, is equal to or less than the value of the extreme poverty line.

Bolsa Família

Who was registered in the Bolsa Familia, receives the Brazil aid automatically. That is, nothing changes, the cards and password used in the Bolsa Família continue to be used in the new program.

However, the forms of withdrawals also remain the same, they are: cashier app, self-service terminals, lottery shops, cashier here, and Caixa Econômica branches.

How the Brazil Aid Works: Check Who Has the Right

But those who do not have it registered in any government program need to enroll in the CadÚnico. You can sign up at the reference center for social assistance, in the (CRAS) closest to your home. O CadÚnico gathers data on the population of Brazil.

Provisional measure that makes the Brazil aid permanent

Brazil aid is the new social program of the federal government. So, it integrates public social assistance policies, such as employment, health, education and income. The law that makes the Brazil aid of R$ 400 permanent comes into force.

Therefore, at first, the federal government's proposal foresaw that the floor would be paid only until December of this year, but the enacted text establishes the “benefit”, a permanent complement. Without Him, the “average ticket” of the Brazil aid, the successor of Bolsa Familia, the value would be R$ 224.

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Oh! Another change in the text establishing that the benefit will become part of the set of existing benefits in the Auxilio Brasil program. With that, as soon as there is the regulation of MP 1106/22.

Edited in March, it will be possible to increase the amount of microcredit deducted at source. That program beneficiaries will be able to request from banks.

Auxilio Brasil know the benefits

The minimum value, currently paid by the Brazil aid for families registered in the Cadastro Único is R$ 400. and this amount was established in an extraordinary way until the month of December 2022. Originally, the base value of the program would only be R$ 295.

What many people don't know is that the Brazil aid is made up of several benefits, paid according to the family's profile. In April, 18.7 million families were assisted by the program.

However, it is first important to clarify that the Brazil aid is intended for people with economic and social vulnerabilities. Despite being an income transparency program, created to replace Bolsa Família.

How the Brazil Aid works: check who is entitled
How Auxílio Brasil works: check who is entitled / Image credit Pexels

So, he was paid by the previous government, the benefit sought to help families who were seeking their financial independence. However, the selection of who would receive it was done automatically by the federal government, it was enough to integrate the single registration (CadUnico).

How to be part of the single register

So, the single registration is the gateway for the social programs of the federal government, it has more than 80 million registered families. The Brazil aid, the gas voucher and the social tariff for electricity, for example.

You can start the registration online', through the application CadUnique, available for 'smartphone' or 'tablet' with Android and iOS operating systems. Pre-registration done. 

Therefore, it is necessary to attend, within 120 days, the social assistance reference center (CRÁS). They are closer to or at a service station than cadunic to complete the data.

How is the payment done

Payment is made every month, usually from the 18th, following a pre-established rule according to the final digit of the social identity number (NIS). In this way, the money that is transferred from the Emergency Aid goes directly to the digital social account of the federal savings bank.

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