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Identify Plants through an application: check which ones they are

If you have a lot of plants at home, or know someone who does, you're going to love this new app that came out on the market. That's because he promises to help you identify plants, and you can use it anywhere and anytime.


In addition, this app there is one interface very creative and intuitive to be easy to use. In this way, the tools available through the application are easy to view. And in a few minutes, any user can identify most of the plants.

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Follow more in this article, and stay inside to know which one software we are talking. Well, let's explain how it works, its uses, how to download it so you can identify the plants you want, wherever you are.

How can I identify plants with this app?

The application ''naturalist'' became quite popular for help users identify plants, and even classify them. In addition, it also has the function of identifying small animals, such as insects. O app is of North American origin and has a canal.

Identify Plants Through Application: Check What They Are

This channel that app own is the famous ''National Geographic''. This is a very famous cable TV channel all over the world. Like this, the channel is widely used for disseminating information about nature that he offers.

In this way, the application is available both to people who use the system android, as well as for system users iOS. Furthermore, you still have the option to access it through the platform's website: ''''.

What are the uses of ''Inaturalist''?

Like other applications to identify plants, O ''naturalist'' can also identify several other forms of life, they belong to the plant, mineral or even animal kingdom. Thus, this medium becomes very educational, both for children and adults.

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I.e, that app can even be used in schools, so that they make the student more interested in the different types of life around them. Another important function that the application has is to notify what the plants can offer.

In this way, it is necessary to be aware of children, who often tend to want to eat certain types of plants. That's because plant colors can draw attention. But be careful as some can be poisonous.

How to download ''Inaturalist'' app?

If you've made it this far in the article, interested in downloading it to identify plants anywhere, the step by step is simple. Just enter your app store, be it the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Identify Plants through an application: check which ones they are
Identify Plants through an app: check which ones they are / Freepik image credit

After that, search through the search bar and search for ''identify plants''. Soon, various types of applications will appear, where you can choose the ''naturalist'' or another application that has attracted more attention, or that is of greater interest.

The most important thing about these apps being available is that most are free, and can be used by any user. This is because so many users of the system android, how many system users iOS can use them on their cell phones, from anywhere.

Tip from other apps to identify plants

Another interesting application that performs the same function of identifying plants is PlantNet. It has two different versions, being one for iphone and another for android. Finally, the app it is completely free, but it does not identify ornamental plants.

Second on the list we have ''backpack identification'', a more specific software. That's because he is unique to identify mushrooms. And identification for use is important, as some species of mushrooms are poisonous or even hallucinogenic.

Finally, you have the option to choose the app PlantSnap”. It also has two versions, the paid version and the free version. So you can use it to identify plants, trees, etc.. All the user needs to do is take a photo for identification.

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