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How to watch Cruzeiro online? Click and check

O cruise is campaigning for the Brazilian Championship and you can watch the games for Internet, did you know? There are many advantages, such as being able to view it on your cell phone, on the way to or from work and sharing your screen with friends.


And this Saturday (09) Cruzeiro is playing for the B series of the Brasileirão, so, in order not to miss any bid from Maior de Minas, see how to watch the team online!

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Follow Cruzeiro games on Premiere

Gone are the days when you could only wait for the right day to follow your team competing on the green grass fields, even if you subscribed to a TV package, you can watch for app of cellphone, tablets or not desktop from your computer.

A Premiere has the best coverage of football championships in Brazil and is also in Internet, so please consider closing this deal today. Check out the prices and conditions so you don't miss out on anything on Cruzeiro.

How to Watch Cruzeiro Online? Click and Check

Globoplay, for non-subscribers and open sign

A Globoplay there is a cell phone application that also runs on a computer (in desktop) with its paid programming, but also contains open signal for its region. Therefore, it is possible to follow the games on broadcast days.

Just visit the website or download the app, register and watch open programming. Remembering that Game days are Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, so to watch Cruzeiro, check the broadcaster's schedule.

SportTV, see the Cruzeiro bids live

O SportTV is another channel that broadcasts the games live. In addition, the channel already has a version for desktop also, so you can watch online at home or in other environments. Just subscribe to the best package.

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like the SportTV is part of Globo, the app of cellphone Globoplay it already has the option to access the channel, to do so, choose one of the broadcaster's packages and have access to transmissions, including Cruzeiro games.

Watch on the website O Maior de Minas

If you are a Minas Gerais supporter (or Cruzeiro loyalist) and want to support sites that are only about the team, that is, the site O Maior de Minas broadcasts live and online team's. And that's not all, you can follow other news.

To watch, visit the O Maior de Minas website on game days and follow Cruzeiro in matches, You can also view it on your cell phone, just search for the site in your browser.. Since 2013, the site has been providing this service to fans.

In conclusion, you can follow Raposa on your cell phone or on websites online, see the best package and conditions (paid or free) for you and don't miss any bids!

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