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How to make money from game apps? Click and see how much you can earn

In Brazil, thousands of people are looking for an extra income beyond their traditional job salary. And, among so many possible options, today you will discover how to make money with apps in 2022.


There are several types of apps that allow the user to earn for some task or activity. In the list that you will see below, are best games to make extra money and the main differentials of each of these.

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See how to make money with apps

1 – Cash App: if you like new adventures related to the world of technology, this platform is excellent. Here users earn money by taking surveys (up to R$5.00) and trying games (up to R$15.00).

It is available for devices android and has a rating of 4.1/5 on Google Play Store. In this way, the balance redemption options are via Paid Market or PIX.

How to Make Money With Game Apps? Click and See How Much You Can Earn

2 – Make Money: on this platform, it is possible to earn up to 50 dollars, depending on the time dedicated to the tasks. In this sense, one of the ways to receive rewards is by watching videos, playing games and answering questions.

By adding R$52.00 of balance, users can withdraw through the paypal or PIX. O make money is available for both devices iOS how much for appliances android. In addition, your note on the Google Play Store it's 4.8/5.

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3 – PIX Helix: this platform is one of the highest rewards. Being focused on game tests, the user can earn up to more than R$80.00 in each world (it is possible to play up to 2 worlds a day).

O PIX Helix is available for devices android, however, it is worth remembering that there are many complaints about the large number of advertisements in the application. Withdrawals take place via PIX or paypal.

4 – Cash Pirate: This one app pays users for installing and testing other apps. So, on this platform, as you complete missions, you accumulate Pirate Coins. These can be exchanged for real money.

So, when adding 2500 Pirate Coins, the user receives $2.50. A differential of Cash Pirate is that it is possible to receive in cash, through the Paid Market, PIX and PicPay, or in gift cards. O app is available for devices android.

Advantages and disadvantages of this type of extra income

Now that you know that it is possible to earn money by playing games, answering surveys or testing various applications, the question arises: is it worth it?

Good, the great advantage of this type of extra money is the fun, as many tasks involve testing fun games. Thus, you can make an extra income even in a moment of leisure.

However, if you think about receiving a high amount, know that these applications listed take time (a few hours of your day) for a significant amount to come as a reward.

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