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How to decorate my kitchen by myself? DIY these ideas

When you move, or when you are looking to change the face of your kitchen, an important question you should ask yourself is: how decorate my kitchen? So we've separated some ideas you might like!


Following this logic, you may also have researched some tips on Internet, but the variety of themes and subjects ends up confusing. Precisely for this reason, today you will learn the main tips for decorating your kitchen yourself.

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How am I going to decorate my kitchen?

If the subject is decoration, you must imagine that there are many different forms and types of decoration to be able to change the face of the environment. With that in mind, we have researched for you what are the main ways to decorate a kitchen. In this research, American kitchens had a lot of prominence!

That way, you can be sure that the accessories and varieties of materials you can use are very wide. I.e, with just a few items you can already make a big difference in your home. So find out today what those options are.

How to Decorate My Kitchen By Myself? Do It Yourself Ideas

american kitchens

American culture is at its strongest in our everyday lives. Therefore, many people consider that american decorations are also the most beautiful. So, see now what are the alternatives of American kitchens that we bring you!

Kitchen with center island

This type of cuisine is very famous in movies and TV shows. TV because of the ease and practicality when picking up the objects to cook. In your kitchen area there should be a central island with the stove and a counter with a few tables. This will improve the organization.

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Additionally, you can use a sink and cupboard to place dishes and pots around the island. That way, you avoid using too much space with a dining table, which usually takes away the aesthetics of the environment.

Kitchen with social area

Most of the time, the people in the kitchen end up being excluded from the people in the social area. So this option tries to join the two areas. If you live in an apartment, you might want to use this form of kitchen to save space.

Your counter must separate the social area from the kitchen, in addition to comprising the stove, the sink and some cabinets. That way, when you're at the stove or washing dishes, you're no longer left out of conversation with friends.

Shelves over the counter

Sometimes space can be an issue when designing your kitchen. So, you might end up asking yourself: how to decorate my kitchen without wasting space? Shelves on top of the counter can help you with that!

The counter that holds some chairs and usually the fruit bowl, can have a structure with shelves on top. This will be very good for storing spices and utensils that are more decorative.

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