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How to make extra income with apps in 2022? See the best options

Undoubtedly, the Internet has enabled countless new ways to earn money that previously seemed impossible. Nowadays, you can make a extra income with apps easy to use and that pay the user who performs tasks, watches videos or answers questions.


In today's list, you will discover four platforms that can serve as a new source of income. In addition, the apps pay through wallets and digital banks that are very popular among users. See the details below.

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Extra income with apps: check out the platforms

1 – prizerebel: In this first option, the user needs to answer surveys and complete some missions. In this sense, it is possible to receive your rewards in dollars. Doing several of the tasks a day allows for larger commissions.

By adding a certain amount, you can redeem your money through paypal. Despite not offering very high rewards, the prizerebel can be a good solution for leisure time, turning them into a new source of income.

How to Make Extra Income With App in 2022? See What are the Best Options

2 – swagbucks: if you like to watch videos in a few hours of your day, this platform can be excellent. Here, the user monetizes his spending by viewing different types of content.

One of the downsides of swagbucks is that the app it only has an English version, which may make access difficult for some Brazilians. However, the functions are very intuitive and the payments are dollars and via digital wallet.

Game apps to earn a lot of money

3 – COS.TV: despite not being very famous, this app is one of the best rewards. However, in addition to watching various videos, you must like, comment and perform other tasks, such as opening treasures on the platform.

A video on COS.TV associated with other tasks that are requested can give you about 20 points. So, when you reach 100 points, it is possible to earn up to 13 cents.

4 – HideoutTV: is one of the platforms that rewards its users for watching ads and videos of different categories. It is worth remembering that this app also pays in dollars.

However, before starting to earn money, it is necessary to register on the portal. Earnable, in addition to logging in to the HideoutTV. Currently, theUsers earn about 5 cents for every video watched.

Is this a good option to earn money?

The answer is not exact and will depend on the expectations of the users who want to earn money through apps like the ones we mentioned above.

On average, a person who dedicates at least 2 hours a day watching videos and fulfilling the tasks that apps apply can earn on average R$ 50.00 to R$ 120.00 a month.

Nonetheless, this is not an exact value, as apps reward their users in different ways. Therefore, despite not being a very high income, it can serve as extra money at the end of the month.

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