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August Brazil Aid is anticipated: check now what has changed

Last Monday, the 25th, the Official Gazette of the Union already released information on the dates referring to the payment of the Brazil Aid of August. The good news is that the August installment has been brought forward and people will get the benefit sooner.


That way, you and your family will be able to use the money promised by the government, but this time earlier in August. This pleased many people and you will not be able to stay out of this news.

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Today you will find out when you will receive your installment, how much it will be and if the other installments will also will be early as August. To learn more about this information, check out today's article!

What is Brazil Aid?

Brazil Aid is a government project created during the Covid-19 pandemic, October 2021. The idea was very well accepted by the people, as it tried to repair the damage that the 2020 financial crisis caused.

This aid program is protected by law., as it aims to maintain a high quality of life for Brazilians. Therefore, those people who are enrolled in the program will always have their payments guaranteed by justice.

August Brazil Aid is Anticipated: Check Now What Has Changed

This and other factors made the program have a good return from the population. Which, in turn, contributed to everything worked as planned by justice.

How much is the Brazil Aid?

The total price of the Brazil Aid now, in the month of August, is R$ 100, an amount that has increased since June 2022. In the past, the aid price was R$ 89, money that people did not consider enough.

If you consider the increase in inflation in the last 12 months, was about 12% as per the IPCA. This caused the price of practically everything to increase, however, the value of the Brazil Aid remained at R$ 89.

As a result, the Federal Government found itself in need of increasing aid, which was previously 11% smaller than it is now. In this way, the final value tends to follow inflation to cover the expenses of Brazilian families.

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Who is entitled to the Brazil Aid?

Only a specific group of people will be entitled to the Brazil Aid installments. Within this group are the people who fit the classification of social vulnerability. That is, individuals that the whole family receives from R$ 100 to R$200 per month per capita.

So, to find out if you fit this classification, just add up your family's total monthly income and divide by the number of people using that money. So you find out whether or not you are in a vulnerable situation.

Finally, if you find yourself in the group, make your registration in site of the Federal Government. That way, you and your family will have the right to receive the Auxílio Brasil installments every month.

Government anticipates August installment

To the surprise of many people, now, in the month of August, the Federal Government managed to anticipate one of the installments of the Brazil Aid. This means that people who expected to receive it only later in August will receive it at the beginning of the month.

August Brazil Aid is anticipated: check now what has changed
August Brazil Aid is anticipated: check now what has changed / Pexels image credit

To know the exact day your installment will be debited, you will need know your phone number NIS, social identification number. So people with the ending number 1 will receive it on the 9th of August.

consecutively, each number will receive in one day, up to number 0 on the 22nd of August. Thus, you can find out which day you will receive your benefit.

The Federal Government had been trying to advance this portion to the population for some time, due to the complaints. Anyway, government institutions were able to advance this August.

When will the payment for the next months be?

The bad news is that the other months will still be like all the others. In other words, this means that the Federal Government, until now, managed to advance only the August installment.

Still, don't be discouraged, as situations can change, as they did in August. To know this, just keep following the news that we will publish.

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