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Brazil Aid: is there retroactive payment in August? Check it out here

Brazil Aid: Is There Retroactive Payment in August?


The users of Brazil Aid, in the month of August, they will receive some retroactive in relation to the previous months. The Federal government resumes the payments of the Aid Brazil for approximately 20 million Brazilians.

Behind the scenes, the Federal government's plan is to insert more than 2.2 million citizens all at once in the Auxilio Brasil program. But there is a detail, none of the novice users will receive any type of retroactive in relation to previous transfers.


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Brazil aid reward

Ah, people who will question whether or not they would have retroactive rights to the Auxilio Brasil program, which would be a kind of bonus paid to those people who were waiting for the program, but who would not have been able to receive the benefit.

And in this way, the federal government will be able to compensate for the period of time in which the beneficiaries of the Auxilio Brasil program were not paid, and only received the previous amount. Nonetheless, the citizenship minister made it clear that new users of the program will receive the amounts now in August.

How many installments will be of the Brazil aid of R$ 600

Each family will be able to receive five installments of at least R$ 600 which will be between the months of August and December of this year. The scenario for the year 2023 still remains a mystery. There is a great confusion formed when the subject is retroactive of the benefit.

Brazil Aid: is there retroactive payment in August? Check it out here
Brazil Aid: is there retroactive payment in August? Check it out here / Pexels Image Credit

Ultimately, the federal government confirmed the payments of arrears of up to R$3 thousand in recent months. And this amount is related to the old Emergency Aid transfers. In the case of a balance that was intended for penalties for single parents who received less than R$1.2 in 2020.  

I was injured by the Federal government, I can look for my rights

Any citizen who feels wronged by the Federal government regarding the processes of payment of some social benefit, the same can seek help to try to recover the loss. Citizens can seek advice at a union public defender's office (DPU), or get in touch with the nearest Federal court.

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There is another social program that will undergo a reform of the PEC one of the benefits, but which will not have any retroactive effect, is the gas voucher. That's because the government doesn't seem willing to open many entries at once, this August. However, there is some confusion regarding the subject.

Increase in aid Brazil

The federal government released a retroactive gas voucher in January. Therefore, people who had not yet received the benefit in December 2021 will be able to receive the difference. But now the situation will be quite different. According to information from the Ministry of Citizenship.

People who join the program from the month of August will only receive the benefit for the month eligible for receiving the project. In addition to increases in the values of benefits, such as Auxílio Brasil and Vale-Gás, the PEC of benefits allowed the approval of the emergency situation.

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